The most Hated episode of ‘Friends’

Despite Friends viewers being one of the most dedicated fandoms out there, it’s fair to say the show isn’t perfect. There are storylines that wouldn’t fly these days, continuity errors to boot, and some episodes that didn’t receive great reviews.

In fact, a new survey reveals Friends fans’ least favourite episode from the show, after reviewing all 236 episodes in total. studied the IMDb ratings for all 10 seasons and came up with a ranking of the show’s worst-rated episodes. Admittedly, the ratings aren’t even that low, but it’s interesting to know which one came out on the bottom, right?

The One With The Invitation

Season four’s ‘The One With The Invitation’ is the lowest rated episode in the entirety of the show, with a score of 7.2. Admittedly, this is higher than some of our favourite other shows, but it falls slightly short of Friends’ average episode rating of 8.5 stars.

The episode features Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) debating whether she should fly to London to see Ross (David Schwimmer) and Emily (Helen Baxendale) get married. The episode is reliant on flashbacks, which might reflect in the low score.

The highest-ranked Friends episode is ‘The One Where Everyone Finds Out’ from season five, which has a massive 9.7 stars. In it, Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica’s (Courteney Cox) relationship becomes common knowledge after they get together at Emily and Ross’s cancelled wedding.

The One Where Everyone Found Out

The joint highest-rated episode is the show’s finale, ‘The Last One: Part 2’.

Does this make anyone else want to go back and watch the whole show because same.

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