Friends axed a storyline where Rachel moved in with Gunther

As Friends celebrates its 25th anniversary, some of the show’s stars are reflecting on their time on the series. Gunther actor James Michael Tyler has revealed a scrapped storyline involving the Central Perk manager and Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston). And despite his character’s pining for Rachel on the show, it sounds like the storyline was probably best left in the trash bin.

“It never went through but they were going to have Rachel move in with Gunther,” he told Metro. “I remember reading the first draft of that script and thinking, ‘Oh man, they’re never going to make this work.’

“It just didn’t read, even to me. I was not ungrateful that it didn’t work. Through no fault of Jennifer or myself or the writing, it just felt contrived and everything else that happened in the series, and continues to be, was quite organic.

“Nothing was contrived – let’s put these two people together for no reason. Everything happened naturally and I think it’s for that reason it’s still loved to this day.”

He added: “I remember looking at Jen too and we didn’t think it was right. Whatever it was for, we didn’t need that storyline.”

Meanwhile, Tyler has also expressed his thoughts on the idea of a Friends revival, and it looks like he’s in the no camp.

“Why to mess with perfection?” he said. “I don’t know if a reboot would have the same weight or quality. They tied it up in a nice little bow.”

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