13 Best Gunther Moments You May Have Missed On Friends

Gunther worked at the Central Perk coffeehouse, and for a lot of the show, he was seen making coffee in the background or staring at Rachel with love in his eyes. But when he was on camera, Gunther — who was brought to life by James Michael Tyler — knew how to deliver a line and deliver it well. His quick quips prompted some of the most hearty laughs from the audience, as his dry sense of humor and blunt facial expressions typically did most of the talking.

But as he was a secondary character, a lot of Gunther’s best moments flew under the radar. But don’t worry because here are the best Gunther moments you may have missed on “Friends.”

Gunther’s ‘I dropped a cup’ scene was a totally unexpected moment on Friends

In Season 3, Episode 19, “The One with the Tiny T-Shirt,” Gunther waits on Rachel in the coffeehouse. After pouring her a cup, he thinks to himself (with his thoughts audible for the audience), “Say Rachel, I was wondering if you’d like to go to a movie with me sometime. As my lover.” But, of course, Rachel is soon approached by Mark (a recurring character), who asks her out. Gunther immediately leaves the main area of the coffeehouse, and a couple seconds later, staff and customers are treated to a chorus of breaking dishes in the back. Gunther emerges a few seconds later and delivers the line, “I dropped a cup,” to a rather concerned public.

The moment that Gunther told Phoebe’s crush to cover up was truly funny

The actor told Insider that it was one of his most memorable episodes. “I love that line, I thought it was brilliant,” Tyler said, adding, “Gunther doesn’t mince words.” After the beautiful delivery on Gunther’s part, Robert quickly takes his leg off of the coffeehouse’s table (yes, everything was on display). Fans of “Friends” never saw Robert again, but the line that Gunther so beautifully delivered remains one of the best moments in “Friends” history.

Gunther survived Phoebe’s health inspector boyfriend by the skin of his teeth