How I Met Your Mother: 10 Worst Characters

For every beloved character on How I Met Your Mother, there were 10 other characters who didn’t have any purpose other than to be the worst.

10- Darren

Darren was a very minor character who featured briefly in Season 9. However, his personality was absolutely horrible. Darren actually knew Tracy before the gang did, as he had taken over her band and had started the process of kicking her out. Naturally, this made fans hate him automatically, but Darren then went round the group and attempted to split them up by being sly and back handed.

9- Mickey Aldrin

Mickey Aldrin was Lily’s father and his first impression definitely left a lot to be desired. Lily didn’t have the happiest upbringing, as her father frequently neglected her because he was too busy gambling or thinking up crazy board game ideas.

8- Hammond Druthers

Hammond Druthers (Bryan Cranston) first appeared in Season 2 of How I Met Your Mother as Ted’s insufferable boss. Bosses aren’t there to be liked, but they do need to be able to boost morale and actually be a little bit skilled at their job. Druthers managed neither..

7- Stuart

Stuart was married to Claudia and had known Ted, Marshall and Lily for a very long time. He and Claudia were always arguing and it always seemed as though they hated each other. He had a problem with alcohol, and there was even an episode in the ninth season which revolved around the fact that he had stolen Ted’s wedding present to Lily and Marshall.

6- Sandy Rivers

Sandy Rivers was a hilarious, yet completely obnoxious, character who was played by Alexis Denisof, Alyson Hannigan’s real life husband. He was a total womanizer and came off more creepy than amusing on more than one occasion. When he and Robin worked with each other for the second time, even she couldn’t contain her disgust, and Robin married Barney.

5- Zoey Pierson

Zoey was Ted’s main love interest during Season 6. Zoey was an activist and loved to fight for what she believed in. Unfortunately, this caused her to clash with Ted. The couple tried to reconcile their differences throughout their relationship, but Zoey took things too far, especially when she bugged Ted when he was trying to be nice.

4- Clint

Clint was truly the worst. Everyone found him incredibly annoying and he was also way too graphic when talking about his sex life. Even Marshall, the most tolerant of the gang, ended up abandoning Clint on the side of the road because he couldn’t stand him any more.

3- Stella Zinman

At first, Stella seemed like the perfect match for a lovelorn Ted. They almost broke up in the Season 3 finale, and Ted was forced to move to New Jersey. The main reason why Stella is mentioned, however, is because she left Ted at the altar and then her husband made a movie about it.

2- Jeanette Peterson

Jeanette was Ted’s last girlfriend before he met the Mother, and she was the most selfish, irritating character ever. Their meet-cute was anything but cute, as Jeanette basically stalked Ted both physically and online to make herself more appealing. Their relationship was essentially mocking domestic violence, which was pretty tasteless on the writers’ part.

1- Ted Mosby

Although there were many times when Ted was likable, selfless and courageous, there were many more times when he was the complete opposite. Despite being the main protagonist on How I Met Your Mother, Ted proved to be a very problematic character.

He constantly moaned about being single and how he wanted to find The One, but he treated women like a commodity and broke up with his girlfriends for shallow reasons. Ted was also extremely pretentious, to the point where fans wondered how he had any friends at all.

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