5 Crazy How I Met Your Mother Fan Theories

One of the most popular American TV Series, How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) has gained a cult following in the last few year. The series ran for 9 successful years and was mainly based around Ted Mosby. A set up similar to F.R.I.E.N.D.S., HIMYM followed the lives of 5 best friends.

The main theme of the series is who is Ted Mosby’s wife? Even though the show has ended couple of years back, there are many How I Met Your Mother fan theories float around the Internet. While some are crazy; some just answer questions that were not answered during the run time of the series.

#1 The Mother, In Actual Is Barney’s Sister

One of the craziest How I Met Your Mother fan theories has to be this. As shown in the sixth season, Barney has a half-sister named Carly, who resides far away and is in college. We already knew before Season 6 was aired that the Mother attends Ted’s college class which means she was a student where Ted was a professor. Another hint that was given out was by mother’s roommate.

According to the roommate, people were always falling in love with the mother. In fact, whoever the roommate brought home was taken away by the mother. In the 200th episode it was revealed that the mother did not actually date these individuals but her pleasing personality made people fall in love with her! Does it ring a bell? Barney was known to be pleasing and charming. So who else could have similar traits? Maybe someone related to Barney? If we put two and two together, then may be Carly is the one who is the mother.

#2 Barney’s Baby Was No Accident

Everybody’s favorite, Barney Stinson was a playboy and a womanizer. During one of his dates, he sleeps with a woman and she becomes pregnant. And that is how Barney became a father and refers to child’s mom as Number 31. While this may seem pretty straightforward and logical, some of the HIMYM fans have their own theory.

According to this fan theory, Barney was actually infertile like Robin but unlike her, he wanted to become a father. He decided to go through an adoption agency to adopt a baby and to keep his playboy image intact he continued to sleep with women. When his papers were approved and he was able to adopt the baby, he made up this story.

#3 Lily Is The One Who Dies

In Season 9 19th episode, Ted and the mother are dining at a inn during a snowstorm. Ted begins to tell mother about an incident that occurred during Robin’s wedding. Towards the end of the episode, the mother says, ”what kind of mother misses her daughter’s wedding?” which was followed by a pause. Most of the fans believed that the mother is dead but according to one of How I Met Your Mother fan theories, it was assumed that Lily will die and won’t be able to see her daughter’s wedding.

Some theorists even point out that in the scene, Ted is not sad but smiling. Which means he is sad that his friend won’t be able to see her daughter’s wedding but his wife is there to console him. Whether the ending was changed or not, the fact is that it was mother who was not able to see her daughter’s wedding.

#4 Something Horrible Has Happened To Ted

There are numerous How I Met Your Mother fan theories surrounding Ted Mosby. According to one of the How I Met Your Mother theories, Ted has actually died and it is his journal that is being read by children’s step father. This could also possibly explain why the adult voice of Ted Mosby was of Bob Saget.

According to another fan theory, Ted suffers from Alzheimer and wants to share his stories. This theory also explains why Ted was an unreliable narrator. Many believe he fabricated his stories and there was no one who could prove him incorrect because mother had died.

Other theory surrounding Ted was that he was in coma and the stories he told were concoction of his intense imagination. When he comes out of the coma, he begins to search for mother not realizing she is no longer alive.

#5 Ted Wrote Barney’s Playbook

Another HIMYM fan theory which makes sense is this one. According to few fans, Barney’s infamous playbook which had strategies for picking up women was actually written by Ted. Since most of the theories prove that Ted was an unreliable narrator, it is also possible that Barney was not real but Ted’s alter ego. In Season 5, when Robin was dating Don, Barney and Ted fight over Robin.

Don begins to believe that Ted is in fact gay because of his love for calligraphy. Also, the title of the playbook is written in calligraphy. Could this mean that the writer of Barney’s playbook none other than Ted Mosby?

These were just some of the popular How I Met Your Mother’s fan theories? Is there a theory that you believe in?

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