15 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets From How I Met Your Mother

These behind-the-scenes secrets from the set of How I Met Your Mother are legen…wait for it…DARY!

First aired in 2005, the show’s primary cast included Alyson Hannigan, Jason Segel, Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders and of course, Josh Radnor. We’ve watched them exchange banter, play jokes on each other and even get into trouble together. At the end of its run, the show earned 30 Emmy nominations and 10 wins.

It’s been years since the show’s finale aired. Nonetheless, there may be some behind-the-scenes secrets from the show that you haven’t discovered yet. Check out what we found:

15.Show Creators, Carter Bays And Craig Thomas, Based The Show On Their Real Lives

According to Cleveland Magazine, “The writing duo focused on 1997, a time when the two were recent Wesleyan University graduates, and Thomas was living with his college sweetheart, Rebecca. Bays, unattached, spent long hours at their apartment moaning about his partnerless status.” They later pitched the idea and the rest was history.

14.Thomas’ Wife, Rebecca, Demanded Alyson Hannigan Play Her On The Show

In an AMA thread on Reddit, Thomas revealed, “In terms of casting, my wife cast Lily by saying ‘If you’re going to base a character on me, it has to be Alyson Hannigan!’” As you know, Hannigan owned the part. And even to this day, we can’t imagine anyone else playing the.

13.The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons Auditioned For The Part Of Barney Stinson

During his auditions, Parsons noted that Barney was described as “a big lug of a guy.” He told Yahoo! Entertainment, “And I remember thinking, I got it and was like, ‘Who the hell looked at me and thinks ‘big lug of a guy?'” And it wasn’t offensive, I thought, ‘This is silly.’”

12.MacLaren’s Was Based On An Actual NYC Pub

When Bays and Thomas were still working at ‘Letterman,’ they would hang out a pub called McGee’s located at 240 W. 55th Street. Back in 2014, the New York Post reported that McGee’s hosted “How I Met Your Mother” trivia nights every Tuesday. It also served cocktails such as the Pineapple Incident and Slutty Pumpkin.

11.Alyson Hannigan’s Child Was Fired From Being Her Fictional Kid After Being Deemed Too Old

While speaking with Huffington Post, Hannigan, recalled, “They fired my kid from that role. She was gonna be the baby, but [producer] Carter Bays was like, ‘Nope. She’s too old,’ and she got replaced. I was like, ‘You fired my child. First of all that’s ageism. I don’t think you’re allowed to fire her because she’s too old.’”

10.At The End Of The Show, Neil Patrick Harris Took Home The Booth From MacLaren’s

As the show was coming to an end, the stars didn’t hesitate to take something from the set as a souvenir. For Harris, it had to be the MacLaren’s Pub booth. According to ET Online, the actor revealed, “I stole it when we wrapped.” Meanwhile, Thomas also has parts of the fictional pub in his own home.

9.Prior To Filming The Scene, Jason Segel Didn’t Know Marshall’s Dad Would Die

Bays wrote on Entertainment Weekly, “When it came time to perform the scene, Jason wanted to feel Marshall’s shock as palpably as possible, so he chose not to read Lily’s dialogue beforehand. All he knew was the last word of Lily’s line: ‘it.’” He also revealed that he and director Pamela Fryman “had to look away” while filming this scene.

8.While Filming, Alyson Hannigan Started A Smoking Bet With Jason Segel To Get Him To Quit

While speaking with Digital Spy, Hannigan recalled, “When we started the pilot [for the show] he was like, ‘Get me to stop smoking, I’ll be your best friend.’ So we did this bet where he would owe me $10 every time he had a cigarette. After the first day, he owed me $200.”

7.Britney Spears Approached The Creators About Being On The Show

Bays recalled, “We got a call a few weeks after the writers strike ended saying that Britney Spears wanted to be on our show. And she specifically wanted to be in the episode “Ten Sessions,” which sent a chill down our spines, because that’s the one where we meet Stella..” Spears ended up playing Abby on the show.

6.The Cast’s Real-Life Husbands Appeared On The Show Several Times

Hannigan’s husband, Alexis Denisof, was cast as flirtatious newscaster Sandy Rivers. Meanwhile, Harris’ husband, David Burtka, played the role of Scooter, Lily’s high school boyfriend. In addition, Smulders’ husband, Taran Killam, was cast to play the unwelcome Gary Blauman. Meanwhile, other memorable guest stars on the show include Jennifer Morrison, Joe Nieves, Marshall Manesh, Ellen D. Williams.

5.The ‘Have You Met Ted’ Bit Came From The Creators’ Former Boss

Bays revealed, “Justin Stangel, our old boss at Letterman, invented ‘Have ya met Ted.’ It wasn’t even like he’d make a big thing out of it. You’d just be hanging out in a bar with him, having a conversation, and a girl would go by, and he’d stop her and say, ‘Have you met Carter?’”

4.There Was A Concern That Hannigan And Cristin Milioti Looked Too Similar

Milioti ended up being cast as the mother. And Hannigan recalled, “They wanted to look at us next to each other to see if they were going change her hair or something because they were a little worried that we looked similar, so I had to go stand next to her and we had some people look at us together.”

3.Some Of The Cast Members Knew About Tracy’s Death Back In Season One

This was the case for Radnor and Hannigan who had to film reaction scenes for later seasons ahead of time. Hannigan also revealed, “I knew that was the case. I didn’t know who the mom was going to be, but I did know that the reason he was telling all these stories is because she passed away, which was very sweet.”

2.Victoria Had Been The Back-Up Plan For The Mother Character

While speaking with CBS News, Bays revealed that the show’s producers had “contingency plans for another mother” in case the series was suddenly canceled by CBS. In that case, the mother would have been revealed as Victoria, the baker that Ted had met during the show’s first season. However, the show developed a following and ran for nine years.

1.The Very Last Scene Shot Was The One Where Ted Meets Tracy For The First Time

During PaleyFest 2014, it was revealed that the final shot ever done was the one where Ted finally got to meet the mother with the yellow umbrella. Of the scene, Thomas remarked, “We got to wait nine f***** years before we met the mother — it took nine f****** years and somehow you all watched! Thank you so much.”

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