Courteney Cox Dating Matt LeBlanc And 4 Other FRIENDS Cast Rumors

 Let’s check out a few rumors from the past involving the FRIENDS cast that looked almost genuine:

1. Matt LeBlanc And Jennifer Aniston

 We don’t know exactly what happened back then, but Matt’s father making such a bold statement was something odd. Anyways, would you like these two people dating? Or you are rooted for Jen and David only?

2. Jennifer Aniston And David Schwimmer

  Recently in the FRIENDS reunion, it was revealed by Jennifer and David that they had a huge crush on each other on the first few seasons of the show. But was it really all? Given their age and their feelings for each other, which story would you believe? The duo said that they channeled their emotions to Ross and Rachel but is that really possible for two people so close and hot?

3. Courteney Cox And Matthew Perry