20 Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of Friends

While the show itself is amazing, the secrets behind the scenes are no less intriguing and fascinating. Indeed, we bet that even true Friends fans will be baffled by some of the behind the scenes secrets and facts they will read below.

The Show Could Have Been Called “Insomnia Cafe”

Can you imagine the TV show Friends being called anything else but Friends? You probably can’t. And yet the show was almost called something else – in the early 90’s the creators of the now iconic show, David Krane and Marta Kauffman, wrote a pitch for the show but titled it “Insomnia Cafe”.

Initially There Were Only Supposed To Be Four Main Characters

Chandler and Phoebe were going to be only supporting characters, appearing on the show once in a while but certainly not in every episode.

Matt Le Blanc Dislocated His Shoulder While Filming