Friends: The Most Shocking Things Ross Ever Did

Ross Didn’t Like The Male Nanny
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Indeed, Sandy’s excellent at his job, but regardless, Ross wants to fire him. This is narrow-mindedness shocks fans.
Ross’s Memorial Service
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Ross hides in the bedroom and is elated when his college crush shows up. Of course, he immediately reveals that he’s alive, and she leaves in disgust. It’s really quite shocking behavior and crosses many lines.
Ross Didn’t Get An Annulment
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Later, Rachel wants an annulment, but Ross doesn’t want another failed marriage. Therefore, he doesn’t get it annulled and lies to Rachel. Ross continues to lie to her for several episodes. He wasn’t going to tell her, but she found out the truth. This was a shocking lie for Ross to tell someone close to him!
Ross And Chandler’s Mom
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Nora tries to comfort Ross, and they end up kissing. Joey points out that Ross broke the sacred code of never kissing a best friend’s mom. Chandler’s furious with Ross for quite some time. It’s pretty unexpected that Ross would kiss his best friend’s mom and out in the open too.
He Tried To Scare Rachel And Phoebe
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Ross even hid and scared them to prove they’re not as skilled as he is. However, they got him back, and he was embarrassed. Therefore, Ross goes to a self-defense instructor to get tips on getting revenge. Of course, the instructor is appalled at the idea. Later, Ross tries to sneak up on them again, but it ends up being two different women. Fans were shocked that Ross would stoop so low for his pride.
Rasing And Forgetting Ben
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Later, however, Ben suddenly disappears from the show and Ross’s life. He seems to forget about his son. Ross mentions him a few times but shockingly pays him very little attention. Instead, Ross focuses all his attention on his daughter, Emma.
We Were On A Break
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Rachel feels she needs a break, but Ross assumes the relationship is over. Astonishingly, Ross wastes no time and finds another date. Rachel did say she needed a break, but Ross moved on surprisingly quickly. Of course, this resulted in Ross yelling, “We were on a break” several times in the series.
Kissing Monica
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At the party, Ross believed he kissed Rachel for the first time. Monica also remembers an encounter with her midnight mystery kisser at the same party. Well, it turns out they kissed each other. It was a shock to discover!
Ross And His Cousin
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However, Ross ends up being very attracted to her as well. While watching a movie, Ross assumes Cassie’s flirting with him. He gives it very little thought and attempts to kiss his cousin. Of course, he gets rejected.
Ross Said Rachel’s Name
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Of course, nothing tops Ross messing up the wedding vows. During the vows, Ross famously said Rachel’s name instead of Emily. The iconic season finale stunned the other characters and fans across the globe. Ross saying Rachel’s name is one of the most famous cliffhangers on Friends.

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