10 Crazy Details You Never Knew About HIMYM Star Alyson Hannigan’s Career

A global TV and film star, Alyson Hannigan has the type of career that many aspiring actors and comedians envy. Keep reading to find out 10 crazy details that you didn’t know about Alyson Hannigan’s uber-successful career.

She Technically Started Working At The Age Of Four

The commercials that Hannigan worked on as a child included advertisements for some pretty big companies. She did work for McDonald’s, Mylanta, Six Flags, and even Oreos. It’s clear that Hannigan always had her sights set on becoming a successful actress. She’s definitely been at it for a long time!

Her First Major Role Came When She Was Just 14

Hannigan played Jessie Mills in the movie, the daughter of Steve (played by Dan Aykroyd) who becomes involved with the mysterious Celeste (played by Kim Basinger). Interestingly, Seth Green also appeared in the movie, and later went on to co-star with Hannigan in Buffy.

She Used To Work As A Babysitter