10 Gorgeous Girls, You Forgot Were On How I Met Your Mother

Whether the characters stayed around for a few episodes, or you could blink and miss them, these 10 women all put their touch on the series.

Anne Dudek

Ted previously went on a date with Natalie (Dudek’s character) but broke up with her (over her answering machine no less) on her birthday. Yet he’s still able to rekindle their affection and even finds himself happy in their relationship until he realizes she isn’t the one for him and breaks it off again, and as fate would have it, it also ends up being on her birthday again.

Mandy Moore

Who better than Mandy Moore who elects to leave her conservative image at the door as she plays the closest thing the series has to a badass, as she steals liquor, has tattoos and is generally fairly wild (including getting all up in Ted’s face.)

Heidi Klum