How I Met Your Mother: 5 Best Halloween Costumes, Ranked

In a post-Friends world, How I Met Your Mother rose to become one of arguably the most popular 2000s American sitcom going, with a solid premise, a great cast, brilliant writing for a long while, and classic characters. Like so many long-running comedy shows, How I Met Your Mother gave fans expectations of annual themed episodes, such as Slapsgiving and, of course, Halloween.

Barney’s Johnny Lawrence

How-I-MEt-Your-Mother-Halloween-Barney-Stinson-Johnny-Lawrence.jpg (740×370)

Before Cobra Kai shone a light on the side of the Karate Kid’s antagonist, it was Barney Stinson who had an unwavering love and support for Johnny Lawrence.

Barney & Robin’s Mountie/Apollo Creed & Vancouver Canuck

Barney-Stinson-How-I-Met-Your-Mother-Mountie-Apollo-1.jpg (740×370)

Barney’s insulting of Canada is a consistent occurrence throughout the show, and so when Robin finds out Barney is a quarter Canadian, she takes full advantage.

Ted & Tracy’s Hanging Chad & Voter

How-I-MEt-Your-Mother-Halloween-Finale-Tracy-Ted-Hanging-Chad-Voter.jpg (740×370)

Speaking of Ted’s hanging chad, it is a strange costume to place. Like Marshall says, it goes in and out of the style of funny/retro costume multiple times over the years and is something only American’s understand.

Barney’s Top Gun

How-I-MEt-Your-Mother-Barney-Halloween-Top-Gun.jpg (740×370)

Sticking with Barney again, he is undoubtedly the most popular character to come out of the show. His being awesome mantra is inspiring to many, even if Barney himself tends to be a heinous human being.

Marshall & Lily’s Jack Sparrow & Parrot

How-I-MEt-Your-Mother-Marshall-Lily-Halloween-Pirate-Parrot.jpg (740×370)

Lily and Marshall are Halloween couples, costume connoisseurs, usually going all out to deliver the best they can for the big day, even when Ted joined in to make it a three.

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