18 Times Robin From “How I Met Your Mother” Spoke The Truth

1. Don’t mince words with the person who broke your heart.
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2. Take it a step further.


3. Be direct.
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4. Challenge the people you care about.
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5. Shut it down.
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6. Drop that HP knowledge.
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7. Stand up for what’s important.


8. Be honest with your friends.


9. And let them be honest, too.


10. Don’t let mansplaining stand.
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11. Eat the sandwich.
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12. Get your priorities in order.


13. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
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14. Don’t worry if you feel crazy.


15. Always have good manners.


16. Know thyself.


17. Remember, sarcasm doesn’t work over email.
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18. And shop until you drop.


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