Plot Holes in FRIENDS You Never Noticed While Watching

Even though the show is so hugely successful, it was not the perfect show in terms of direction and scenes. The crew working in the show made a few mistakes while recording the scenes, and they are quite noticeable if you have a keen eye. So let’s figure out all these details and take a new look at the TV series.

Phoebe’s Knowledge Of French
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In an episode from Season 8, Phoebe meets one of Monica’s new chefs. Monica calls him, a sous-chef, which in French means “under-chef of the kitchen”. But Phoebe was clearly out of loss as to what that means. Moving ahead in a different season she is the one who takes charge of teaching French to Joey. And clearly, Phoebe was fluent in French in that episode. 

Chander’s Ability To Cry
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One of the most noticeable instances is the one where Ross gives an emotional speech about how much their friendship means to him and chooses both Chandler and Joey as his best man. It was then that we saw all the three guys tearing up.

Mysterious Door Locks
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In a season 1 episode, the gang was locked out of the apartment while cooking thanksgiving dinner. In this plotline, the door seems to lock down automatically. But if that was the case, then how did everyone come and go so easily every other time. In season 10 during another thanksgiving, Monica and Chandler lock out everyone out of the apartment to teach them a lesson. But Rachel digs out an old key to unlock the door. Here, the odd thing is that the door lock was changed in season 8 after Joey breaks it down. And the lock was changed after Rachel moved out.

Curious Case of Ben
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