17 Things That Would Totally Happen If “Friends” Coronavirus Episode Were to be Shot

1. Monica would make sure that everyone was following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines.

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2. She’d also be super well-stocked and give everyone supplies of toilet paper when they inevitably asked.

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3. Joey’s quarantine stash would be straight-up unusable.
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4. So Chandler and Joey would get Monica to cook for them. She’d complain, but actually love hosting.
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5. Joey would ask how much longer the pandemic would go on — after approximately five minutes in quarantine.
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6. Ross would try and use science to explain to everyone why they shouldn’t panic — but then actually handle things the worst.
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7. Even though Phoebe doesn’t live with them, she would still be quarantining at Monica and Rachel’s. This would never be
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8. While Rachel’s family would try and get her to quarantine in a fancy place upstate.
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9. Phoebe would write a coronavirus song.
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10. And Joey and Chandler would invent some kind of very dangerous game.
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11. Chandler would work from home. This would bring no clarification to the other friends as to what his job actually is.
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12. Phoebe would make masks to donate to people. They’d look a bit weird, but still be functional.
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13. Meanwhile, Ross would have zero clue what to do with himself.
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14. Central Perk would still be open for takeout. Gunther would offer Rachel the chance to quarantine with him, but the message wouldn’t quite get across.
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15. Two of the friends would be tempted to hook up out of sheer boredom.
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16. And Ross and Monica would start fighting like they were kids again.
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17. But the friends would get through it, just like we will.
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