How I Met Your Mother: Each Main Character’s Most Iconic Scene

Each character in the show is known for something different and is often remembered for one thing, in particular. Although How I Met Your Mother is filled with iconic scenes, Ted and his friends all have definitive moments that stand out above the others.

Tracy McConnell: The Yellow Umbrella At The Train Station
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The umbrella-covered her face, and Ted sat at a train station completely oblivious to the fact that the love of his life was a foot away from him. It isn’t until the series finale that viewers see Ted tap on her shoulder and introduce himself. Given that the title of the show is How I Met Your Mother, it makes sense that Ted’s story ended after this scene. However, viewers weren’t expecting the hole in the story to be filled during the present.

Barney Stinson: 52 Seconds
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Although Barney has told many unnecessary lies on the show, he is honest with Quinn when she asks him to tell her the truth. A timer appears on the bottom of the screen and Barney speaks so quickly, it’s difficult to comprehend everything he’s saying. Barney doesn’t stumble over a single word and finishes the story with two seconds to spare. He uses his extra time to throw in how he went on The Price is Right and won a doom buggy.

Robin Scherbatsky: Let’s Go To The Mall
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Everyone in the gang was shocked to discover the real reason why Robin hated malls. They had been convinced that she got married in one when the truth was that she was forced to travel across Canada to sing at them. Her music video is especially hilarious because Cobie Smulders plays teenage Robin in a blonde wig, and it’s the complete opposite of the Robin viewers had come to know and love.

Marshall Eriksen: Slapsgiving
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Because of all the drama, it causes at Thanksgiving, Lily, the slap bet commissioner, rules that there will be no slaps during the holiday. At the last minute, Lily changes her mind, and Marshall delivers a slap that leaves Barney reeling. He even heads to the piano to play a song he wrote for the occasion. This wasn’t the only time Marshall ended up getting behind the piano as he participated in some big musical numbers too.

Lily Aldrin: “That’s Love, B*Tch”
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The context is pretty spot-on, as this quote was meant to showcase Lily and Marshall’s love for each other. When Ted pokes fun at them for always agreeing with each other, Lily defends their relationship. She mentions that the only debate they’ve ever had about Tommy Boy was whether it was awesome or super awesome, and follows it up with, “That’s love b*tch!”

Ted Mosby: The Blue French Horn
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The end of Ted’s story revealed that Robin regretted marrying Barney and not Ted. But Ted was already with Tracy and Robin had missed her shot. The reason Ted and Robin broke up in How I Met Your Mother season 2 was that they both wanted different things in life. In the present, Ted had the family he always desired and Robin had traveled the world and accomplished all her goals. It had been years since the mother had passed, and Ted and Robin rekindled their friendship. On the night that Ted finishes relating his kids the story, he tells Robin he loves her by showing up outside her window with the blue french horn (which was a great callback to some of the key moments in their relationship).

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