15 Unfinished “Friends” Storylines That Fans Desperately Want The Answers To

In honor of Friends turning 25 this year, we asked the BuzzFeed Community which storyline from the long-running series felt incomplete. And let’s just say, they did not hold back. Here’s what they had to say:

1. The One Where Rachel Might’ve Got Fired.
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“Rachel’s job! She certainly would have received backlash or even been fired for choosing to not go to Paris, but we never know what happened to her career after choosing Ross.”

2. The One Where Joey’s Future Is Unclear.

“Everyone else got married, rekindled old relationships, moved out, or whatever, but Joey was just left by himself.”

3. The One Where Phoebe’s Dad Disappeared…Again.
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“Phoebe spent most of the earlier seasons talking about how traumatic her childhood on the streets was and how her father’s absence left her heartbroken. Then she eventually meets him at Central Perk after he shows up at her grandma’s funeral. They have a little talk and he even sings the lullaby (that apparently inspired ‘Smelly Cat’) he used to sing for her to fall asleep. And then he never appears in the show again! He doesn’t even attend Phoebe’s wedding.”

4. The One Where Marcel Became A Movie Star.

“What happened to Marcel after he was in the movie?”

5. The One Where Ben Goes Bye-Bye Forever.
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“Carol, Susan, and Ben deserved a clear final scene. They disappeared after Emma was born. Didn’t Ben want to meet his half-sister? Were Carol and Susan mad at Ross for having a baby with another woman? Did he stop paying child support? How did Jack (Ross’s dad) forget that Ben was his first grandchild? There are so many loose ends!”

6. The One With Chandler’s Missing Toe.

“I just really want to know how Chandler had apparently been missing a toe for seasons and no one made a joke about it or brought it up until the Thanksgiving episode in Season 5! And then it was never really brought up ever again…like it never happened!?”

7. The One Where Phoebe’s Mom Was M.I.A.
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“Whatever happened with Phoebe’s birth mom? She just disappeared from the series after making such a big deal about their relationship or lack thereof. Did her birth mom just give up on her after she decided to have the triplets? What the hell happened?”

8. The One With Phoebe’s Roommate.

“Ugh, what about Phoebe’s roommate Denise? December 26th came around and Denise never came back. This plays on my end see every single time I watch it.”

9. The One Where Monica and Rachel Fall Out.
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“All the flashbacks show that Monica and Rachel were such good friends in high school and during their early college years, so why did they lose touch to the point where Monica wasn’t even invited to Rachel’s wedding in the pilot episode?”

10. The One With Joey’s Steady Girlfriend.

“Why didn’t Joey have at least one serious relationship? His biggest romantic plotline was with Rachel and we all know how that turned out. Joey deserved a good, serious relationship just like the rest of the friends!”

11. The One With Monica’s Ex.
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“Did Monica’s ex-boyfriend, Pete Becker, ever become the Ultimate Fighting Champion?”

12. The One Where Rachel And Chandler Meet.

“How and when did Rachel and Chandler meet? In the pilot, when Monica is introducing everyone to Rachel, she says, ‘This is Chandler,’ implying that they’ve never met before. But as the series goes on, we find out that they met on a few occasions before then — they even hooked up at a college party! And also, didn’t they meet at the coffeehouse when it was still a bar, just after Rachel gets engaged? I NEED ANSWERS!”

13. The One With Joey’s Sister.
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“Whatever happened to Joey’s sister having a baby? One of the worst side storylines in Friends.”

14. The One Where Rachel Almost Went To Paris.

“Why wasn’t Ross mad at Rachel for taking Emma to live in Paris?!”

15. And The One Where Gunther Moves On.
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“Whatever happened to Gunther? Did he ever get over Rachel? Does he still work at Central Perk?”

Is there another incomplete Friends storyline you had in mind? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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