What TV Show Should’ve Ended A Lot Sooner Than It Did?

There’s no better feeling than finding a new show that completely captures your heart and mind.

And, while we usually want our favorite shows to go on forever and ever, there are some shows that definitely should’ve ended a lot sooner than they did.

Remember when Michael Scott left The Office and the rest of the show’s seasons felt like they were missing the hilarious heart?

sub-buzz-10851-1609878011-11.png (700×490)

Or when the finale of How I Met Your Mother completely backtracked on eight years’ worth of character development for Ted Mosby?

sub-buzz-10791-1609877949-30.png (600×690)

Or when 13 Reasons Why went on to have three additional seasons even though the first season’s plot was based on a single novel.

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What show do you think should’ve ended sooner than it did? Let us know which one and why in the comments below!


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