How I Met Your Mother: 10 Sweetest Friendship Scenes Fans Watch Over and Over

Despite the gang’s great betrayals, arguments, and falling outs, these How I Met Your Mother characters are always there for one another. Sometimes it is an intimate moment shared with only two friends, and other times the whole group gets together and brings out big smiles from the audience as they see just how close and loving the group is.

Saying Goodbye To Ted

himym-high-five.jpg (740×370)
Ted got to give Barney the high-five of all high-fives, an E.T. goodbye to Lily, a Major goodbye to Robin, and a heartfelt farewell to Marshall. It was emotional, tear-inducing, and so sweet seeing everybody care so much. Of course, its meaning is reduced with Ted having returned less than a day later.

Last Cigarette

The episode “Last Cigarette Ever” reveals that the group are all smoking enthusiasts, and they vow to eventually quit.” The last cigarette they share together comes at the end of the episode on the roof, even though Ted reveals it was none of their final cigarettes.
Seeing them all on the roof as the sun comes out, sharing a moment together, was pretty great. Of course, fans are used to seeing them in the bar, in apartments, but on the roof, watching the sun come out, it is beautiful, with funny dialogue and a great image of friendship.

Lily & Ted Get Honest On The Roof

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The roof was one place where many great moments occurred, but one of the very best is a vulnerable, intimate moment between Ted and Lily.
In this How I Met Your Mother scene, Lily tries to be a friend to Ted, to get him to confess how much pain he is in about Barney and Robin by admitting sometimes she cannot handle being a mother. Yes, the moment is heartbreaking, but seeing these two friends being able to open up to each other with such raw truth and emotion is so sweet to see, as much as it is crushing for them to let out.

Stinson’s Hangover Fixer Elixir

Barney-Makes-his-famous-Stinsons-Hangover-Fixer-Elixir-in-How-I-Met-Your-Mother.jpg (740×370)
The gang attempt to recreate the hangover cure, but they are missing a secret ingredient they do not know. Barney eventually reveals there is no secret ingredient; the drink was made up so they would feel better and more confident about the hard day ahead (the reason they got drunk in the first place). Barney acts like he only cares about his life and tries to make his friends live more like him. However, he truly cares about their happiness and his trying to get them through hard, scary days with some hope is another example of how great of a friend he can be.

Photo In The Booth

Ted-Tracy-Wedding-HIMYM-Cropped.jpg (740×370)
One of the big aspects of the finale is the wedding between Ted and Tracy. Before the ceremony occurs, the gang meets in MacLarens, one of the rare times they are all together at this point in their lives.
After a series of heartfelt hellos from Robin to the gang, Tracy enters and insists on taking a photo of the gang in the booth. In this scene, they are all happy together, and Marshall famously asks the next booth if they know what happened here; “Just, all kinds of stuff.” The whole scene is further proof of how much someone’s friends can truly be their family.

The Gang Takes A Leap

HIMYM-season-4-finale-The-rooftop-jump.jpg (740×370)
One of the most iconic moments in How I Met Your Mother is when the gang decides to take a leap from the rooftop of the famous apartment to that of a rooftop just across the way. It started as a goal of Marshall and morphed into much more.
That leap, ending with Ted jumping and the gang embracing, was a leap of faith, of hope, of the future for all of them. Everyone had obstacles they had to overcome at that time, and through it all, they had each other. It was a brilliant way to end the show’s fourth season, with the gang on a roof celebrating with one another as new chapters begin.

Ted Cheers Robin Up

How-I-Met-Your-Mother-season-7-Symphony-of-Illumination.jpg (740×370)
Ted and Robin have one of the most divisive relationships in How I Met Your Mother – especially since Ted has become unpopular amongst fans and is unhealthily obsessed with Robin. Nevertheless, in “Symphony Of Destruction,” he is a great friend to her.
After finding out heartbreaking news that she does not want to reveal to anyone, Ted pesters her to tell him what is wrong, she refuses. Eventually, Ted gives in but does not give in on cheering her up, delivering Christmas in their apartment. It really is a beautiful moment of friendship; perhaps it is fuelled by his being in love with her deep down, but it is one of the nicest things Ted ever does, and it is adorable.

Marshall’s BAR Password

Marshall-gets-into-te-BAR-in-How-I-Met-Your-Mother.jpg (740×370)
In “Spoiler Alert,” the gang are engaged in a big fight, the kind of big fight every friend group gets into; it is not threatening to the group’s time as friends, but still one they are all engaged in as they each point out a glaring flaw in one another.
Marshall’s annoying flaw that irritates the gang is his singing everything, including a random song “Apple Orchard Banana Cat Dance 8 8 6 3.” This song turned out to be Marshall’s BAR password he forgot earlier in the episode, and when Marshall realized this everyone stops fighting and pays attention as Marshall announces “I’m a lawyer.” The gang goes to the bar, celebrates, all showing off their imperfections, none of them paying any mind to them, all happy.

Marshall’s Dad’s Last Words

Marshall-listens-to-his-dads-voicemail-in-HIMYM.jpg (740×370)
Marshall’s dad’s death is arguably the saddest thing to happen in How I Met Your Mother, and his funeral continued to bring tears for fans and characters alike.
It also brought some incredible friendship moments, specifically when Marshall is outside listening to his dad’s last voicemail to him. Surrounded by his friends, Marshall is loved and supported as he shares that moment with them. They let him vent; they are there for him, and as heartbreaking as it is for Marshall, it shows the importance of friendship and of that support system in moments like this.

Barney Goes To San Diego

Barney-Lily-How-I-Met-Your-Mother-.jpg (740×370)
Barney Stinson may act like he doesn’t care but he is, without a doubt, one of the best friends anyone could ever have if fans remember what he did for Lily and Marshall when he went to San Diego.
After being accused of being selfish and of not wanting Lily and Marshall to get married, Lily reveals to the gang a secret of Barney’s, that he went to San Diego to bring her home, buying her a ticket back because she belonged with Marshall. It is such a terrific moment, and out of all the group celebrations and personal moments, this is the sweetest and most selfless act of friendship in the show that fans will rewatch for years to come.


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