7 Romances Nobody Saw Coming on ‘How I Met Your Mother’

While some other relationships were clearly also crafted with care to build up over time, a few of the HIMYM romances weren’t quite so beautifully built. Whether they were dropped in without a lot of preamble, or the characters just didn’t suit each other, these left fans stunned that the show would try and make these relationships work.

Robin & Nick

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This was a shocking revelation to all the fans who did not even get to see how the two reconnected in the first place to begin their relationship. Nick isn’t around for long, but the reveal that he and Robin are together, after years of setup, was one of the more surprising moments in the show. Of all of Robin’s long-term relationships in the show, hers with Nick would classify as the least memorable.

Ted & Zoey

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The relationship between Ted and Zoey was certainly messy from the start. Even as a couple, they could never stop arguing with one another, especially when the topic of the Arcadian would be brought up. The two could never get past this original conflict, leading to their breakup. Zoey was always a better foil to Ted than she was a girlfriend, so fans were surprised when the show decided to go in this direction with these two.

Barney & Nora

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After showing Barney can have a legitimate relationship during his time with Robin, no one was surprised to see Barney try dating someone else. However, it never really made sense for Nora to be the woman for him to try again. The two were never a good fit, as Nora seemed to never really fully trust Barney, something that she ended up being justified in.

Ted & Victoria

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Victoria was the first relationship that Ted had during the run of the show, and since it started back in season one, fans of course assumed that it was not going to last. Fans couldn’t believe that after all these years, and a messy breakup, Ted would see her, and eventually date her again. It may have been done to make fans think that she was “the one” for Ted, but once again it turned out to be a ruse.

Robin & Don

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One of the most important things in this world to Robin is her career as a respected newscaster, as she claws her way up the ladder throughout the show. For someone who takes her career so seriously, fans would have thought how Don acted would have been enough for Robin to never want to work with him anymore, let alone eventually date him. The two weren’t together that long, but Don could have done a lot of damage to Robin’s career, so for her to forgive him was incredibly out of character for her.

Barney & Robin

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Fans were stunned that the two friends known for their fears of commitment were willing to commit to marriage, even if it was to each other. Considering that the whole final season was centered around their wedding, fans assumed they would end the show still married, but they had other plans in mind. The two divorce, leaving fans wondering why even bother having the two get together in the first place.

Ted & Robin

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How I Met Your Mother is the story of Ted finding the woman of his dreams, and fans waited nine seasons for her to finally be revealed. The reveal throughout the final season, from the flashforwards of them together, to the official meeting at the train tracks, was executed beautifully. Doing all of that, just for Ted to end up with Robin at the end was a surprise that no one seemed to want.


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