How I Met Your Mother: 8 Times Ted Should Have Been Fired

Ted’s relationships were only one of the many things How I Met Your Mother was about. Ted was the youngest person to build a skyscraper in Manhattan, and even became an architect professor at the local college. However, Ted did make plenty of bad work-related decisions on How I Met Your Mother, and the fact that he remained employed is unrealistic.

When He Dated A Student

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There are several unpopular opinions about Ted on How I Met Your Mother, but Ted’s relationship with Cindy isn’t one of them. No matter what the circumstances are, dating a student is never a good idea. Ted and Cindy might have been close in age, but it didn’t change the fact that he was a professor at the university she attended.
Not only was it a morally grey area, but Cindy discovered that there were strict rules about students and professors dating and she could even lose her scholarship. The two still decided to pursue a relationship, but Ted never faced any consequences for his actions.

When He Talked About His Personal Problems During Class

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It’s likely that Ted does spend most of his time teaching, but it would be a boring thing for viewers to watch. Still, there are several instances when he leaves class early or shows up late because of personal issues.
Ted’s students know way too much about his private life, and they once even gathered around in a circle to give him advice. He goes a bit too into depth about his relationship issues, and it’s hard to imagine that any school would be okay with Ted using class time as a therapy session.

When He Had Margarita Fridays

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It’s difficult being the boss, and Ted learned it the hard way. Although Ted’s a people pleaser, sometimes getting a job done means being disliked. When he feared there was no way to earn his employees’ love back, he came up with an idea.
Ted established “Margarita Fridays” and installed a margarita machine in the break room. Ted definitely got back on everyone’s good side, but the way he chose to do it wasn’t very smart. He allowed the employees to drink at work and on the clock, and there’s no doubt that it’s against the company’s policy.

When He Accidentally Made Fun Of A Student’s Name

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In Ted’s defense, it was an honest mistake. But it didn’t make what he did any less horrifying. At the start of the new semester, Ted thinks one of the names on the attendance sheet is a prank.
Rather than asking, he goes straight into making fun of what a horrible name it is, completely unaware of the girl crying in the back. The student runs out of the room and ends up dropping Ted’s class out of embarrassment. It’s shocking that Ted didn’t face any disciplinary action for how he handled the situation.

When He Played A Drinking Game With His Students

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Ted has always been a friendly character, and a large part of that comes from his need to be liked. He acts more like his students’ friend than their teacher, and on several occasions, it makes him a doormat. When Ted realizes that his class has turned Robin’s news report into a drinking game, he’s invited to the bar to join them.
Ted should’ve said no, but he was so honored that his class wanted him there he didn’t hesitate to go out with them. Even if the kids were all of legal drinking age, hanging out with students outside of school and getting drunk is something that is largely frowned upon.

When He Thought Druthers Was Faking A Heart Attack

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Ted gave Druthers chance after chance, but his old boss continued to take advantage of him at every turn. Not only was he condescending to Ted, but he was a toxic presence to have in the workplace. Ted’s inherently selfless, so instead of firing Druthers, he offers him his friendship and lets him stay in his apartment.
It doesn’t stop Druthers from being insubordinate, and Ted reaches a point when he has no choice but to let him go. Druthers started having chest pains, and Ted assumed he was faking. He brutally fired him in the middle of a heart attack and made a spectacle in front of the entire office.

When He Taught The Wrong Class

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Mistakes happen, and leeway should be granted on certain occasions. Going to the wrong classroom on the first day is understandable, but Ted did much more than make a wrong turn. He accidentally taught architecture to Econ 305 for seven minutes and refused to acknowledge any of the students who had their hands raised.
It wasn’t until the right professor showed up that Ted realized he had made a mistake. Not only was he in the wrong class for so long, but he was also late for his own. It’s not a good first impression when starting a new job.

When A Picture Of Robin Popped Up On His Slideshow

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There’s not much of a logical explanation for how Robin drinking beer on the toilet ended up on Ted’s PowerPoint. Barney wanted to learn how to be a good boyfriend, so Ted created the subject “Robin 101.” Still, the picture appearing on the architecture slideshow feels like a reach.
Not only was the photo completely inappropriate, but he never should have been misusing his classroom in the first place. If he had kept his private life out of the workplace, it wouldn’t have been an issue.


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