Big Bang Theory: 10 Times Leonard And Sheldon Were Friendship Goals

Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper were the heart of The Big Bang Theory. We look at our fave moments between the besties on the hit sitcom.

The Big Bang Theory started out as being a show about nerds, but then evolved into making friendship a focal point. Most of the show was carried on the backs of Leonard and Sheldon, whose friendship never fizzled out of interest over the course of the twelve years we saw them together.

10.When Sheldon Let Leonard Change The Temperature

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One might wonder why letting the temperature of the room be changed is included as a friendship goal, but one also has to consider that it was the inflexible Sheldon Cooper who allowed for this to happen.

9.When They Both Cried Because Things Were Changing

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No matter how many times either Sheldon or Leonard claim they would be better off without the other’s presence, we all know they can’t go on if they aren’t in each other’s lives. This was confirmed when Sheldon broke down once he found out Leonard planned to move in with Penny.

8.When Leonard Let Sheldon Go On The Train

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When Sheldon became overwhelmed by all the changes that were happening around him he decided to go off and put some distance between him and his friends. Even though he knew Sheldon was a grown man who needed to make his own decisions, Leonard tracked him down at the train station and asked him to return.

7.When Leonard Bought Thousands Of Schezwan Palace Containers

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Leonard basically became Sheldon’s caretaker within the years he was roommates with him, but there was a definite affection attached to this. For instance, not wanting Sheldon’s feelings to be hurt when Leonard found out Schezwan Palace closed down, he bought thousands of food containers from them just so Sheldon would believe Leonard still brought dinner from there.

6.Every Time Sheldon Called Leonard His Best Friend

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We saw the 2003 version of Sheldon as an absolute loner who didn’t even have his own furniture before Leonard moved in. The crazy thing was that Sheldon was perfectly fine being on his own and without friends.

5.When Sheldon Credited Leonard In His Nobel Prize Speech

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Sure, Sheldon did credit the rest of his friends in this speech from the finale, but he made special mention of Leonard in the end. After all, it was his preceding argument with Leonard that got Sheldon to realize what a selfish jerk he’d been.

4.When Leonard Was Sheldon’s Best Man

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We’ve seen Sheldon and his brother interact on Young Sheldon enough to know that they did have a close relationship underneath all the annoyance they caused for one another, but it was still Leonard who ended up being Sheldon’s best man.

3.When Sheldon Saved Leonard’s Life

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Even you’d give a free pass to a person who insults you on a frequent basis when that same person happens to be the reason why you’re alive, and Sheldon will forever be known as Leonard’s savior.

2.When Sheldon Got Bullied For Leonard

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Sheldon grew up in a neighborhood where the children liked to pick on him, which led to him developing an avoidance for all kinds of bullies. And yet, he accompanied Leonard not once, but twice to confront Kurt, Penny’s bullish ex-boyfriend.

1.All The Times They Listened To Each Other’s Problems

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It was quite obvious that both Sheldon and Leonard considered the problems of the other to be silly, with Leonard’s relationship trouble having no meaning to Sheldon while the latter’s problems were always about things that weren’t even an issue. However, they always did make time to listen to each othe.

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