Bloopers from friends: All the glaringly obvious editing errors you never noticed before

The sitcom, which run from 1994 to 2004, amassed many editing errors, some of which are only now being discovered.

It was impossible not to like Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Joey, and Phoebe, despite random extras appearing among the main stars and strange continuity errors.

With David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston having attended the Friends reunion. With Matthew Perry, Courteney Cox, Matt Le Blanc, and Lisa Kudrow reunited, what better time to revisit all the bloopers you missed the first fifteen times?

Phoebe reacting to herself

In the show’s pilot episode, The One Where Monica Gets a Roommate. Phoebe appears in two places at once, according to one astute fan.

The scene centers on her conversing with Rachel. ‘Oh no, I just pulled out four eyelashes,’ another Phoebe is seen sitting on the sofa, sipping coffee.

Rachel’s disappearing necklace

Rachel was so taken aback when she found out Ross was getting a cat with his new girlfriend Julie that she lost her necklace in the process.

You’d blink and miss it, but once you see it, you’ll never forget it.

Monica’s quantum leap

According to Friends fans on Reddit, Monica makes a massive jump from sitting at her apartment table to being by the iconic purple door just seconds later.

Monica, she’s quick, but no one is humanly capable of moving that quickly.

Jack and Judy Geller only own one outfit.

The happy couple is dressed in matching outfits. They are wearing in a photograph below them in The One In Massapequa. At Ross and Monica’s mother and father’s 35th wedding anniversary celebration.

That’s either a massive coincidence… or someone didn’t pay attention to the wardrobe for this episode.

Friends editing fails you never noticed before

We can’t believe we missed one blunder when Rachel transformed into a completely different person in the blink of an eye.

Rachel is seen speaking to Joey by the door in Season 9, Episode 15. But when the camera cuts to Monica and then back to Joey. A random brunette woman stands beside him instead of Rachel.

Rachel is trying to get on a plane with not her passport.

Viewers noticed that Rachel appeared to try to fly to Paris with someone else’s passport in The Last One (part two). As the brunette in the photo does not appear to be her.

We all thought it was romantic when she got off the plane at the end. But it turns out it wasn’t because she wanted to return to New York to see Ross. But because her passport was completely forged.

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