Bob Saget’s Tragic Life Story

Unlike the hit sitcom “Full House,” Bob Sage’s life wasn’t always full of laughs. Sage “always had a fascination with death” as a child, according to his 2014 autobiography, “Dirty Daddy.” Three of his uncles had died of cardiac arrests unexpectedly, which was a devastating blow to the young boy. “All of these men were my childhood heroes,” Sage wrote, recalling one of his uncles’ attempts to break into the entertainment industry. “He was the most laid-back person I’ve ever met.”

He nearly died from an appendix issue.

Bob Sage took his favorite teacher’s advice after high school. He became a film student at Temple University in Philadelphia, where he started creating his, according to Biography. Sage won a Student Academy Award for a short film called “Through Adam’s Eyes” in 1978. The documentary was “about someone I’m very close to who had reconstructive facial surgery,” he told Ability Magazine. The young filmmaker was accepted to the University of Southern California.

He was fired from his big break.

In 1987, Bob Sage got his first ample When CBS hired him to help present “The Morning Program,” he got his first break in daytime television. The actor was ecstatic to be a part of the morning talk show, as he told ET at the time. “It’s the type of show where four people participate. Like each other,” Sage said. “They don’t like me, but I adore them.”

Bob Sage’s first wife nearly died while giving birth.

Bob Sage had three daughters with his first wife, Sherri Kramer, on TV and real life. Kramer, however, had a traumatic near-death experience while pregnant with their first child in 1987.

One sister died of an aneurysm.

The sitcom “Full House” may have given Bob Sage this lucky break, but his family’s bad luck continued. His two older sisters died young, according to CBS News: Andrea Sage, also known as And; she died when she was 34 years old. If an aneurysm. In his autobiography, the TV star recalled how his mother broke the news to him over the phone, writing that “through the emotion and shock,” he felt like she could now “be at peace.” He went on to say, “She had been through a lot in her short life.” “You’ve never met a sweeter, more emotional girl.”

A rare disease took his other sister’s life.

Gay Sage, Bob Sage’s older sister, died at 47. She was finally diagnosed with a rare, mysterious autoimmune disease, which Bob had already been raising awareness about, after “many disturbing misdiagnoses,” as the actor recalled in his autobiography.

He found creative ways to grieve.

Following his sister’s death, Bob Sage became an advocate for people with scleroderma, for over two decades on the board of the Scleroderma Research Foundation, according to CNN. His two worlds collided in 1996 when he used his show business connections to produce a television movie about his sister.

He drove while drunk after his divorce.

Bob Sage and Sherri Kramer divorced in 1997. “You tend to second-guess yourself. Is this a midlife crisis, or am I just having a bad day? Have a bad day? Getting old? In the middle of a Blake Edwards film? “Following his split from Kramer, he told Howard Stern. “That wasn’t the only thing. We weren’t getting along. We haven’t been living an honest life for the past few years.”

Bob Sage died on tour.

Bob Sage died on January 9, 2022, according to TMZ. The actor died in his hotel room, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, “There were no signs of foul play or drug use,” the report said.” as they confirmed on Twitter.

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