Breaking Bad: 10 Fan-Loved Characters, According To Reddit

Breaking Bad: 10 Fan-Loved Characters, According To Reddit

A lot of people love Breaking Bad because it is so good. First of all, its story moves quickly, which helps keep viewers interested. It’s also a well-written and well-made show, with a great story that drew in millions of people.

10. Jesse Pinkman

In the movie, Jesse Pinkman is a clear fan favorite, and the saddest things about Jesse help make him a complicated and tragic protagonist. Renna99, a Reddit user, says: “Jesse: That’s me. Love: I think he’s excellent. When he is with the kids and his girlfriends, he is sweet as f***. He’s just a kid who’s having a hard time. He’s grown over time, and I think he’s the one I’d like to see live. ”

9. Saul Goodman

Saul Goodman got his show because he was a big star. Breaking Bad could be pretty dark and violent at times, but Saul was always there to make things a little more fun. One of the Reddit users who has been deleted says, “I think Saul kind of single-handedly took care of the comedy relief.”

8. Walter White

Breaking Bad, of course, would not be the same without Walter White, the show’s star. They liked him because he was “so complex and interesting.” He was always fun to watch, mainly when he acted silly and even when Walt sabotaged himself.

7. Skyler White

It turns out that this Reddit user is a big fan of Skyler White. They say, “Until it was way too late, she didn’t know how trapped she had become.” Skyler is also an excellent liar, which is a bad thing about people, but it makes for perfect TV. ”

6. Mike Ehrmantraut

After Breaking Bad season 1, Mike is one of the best new characters. He didn’t show up until the middle of the second season when the show was already over.

5. Gustavo Fring

How would you describe the person who loves Gus? “He wasn’t a good person, but he was the most stable. He didn’t care in the world, only a strong will. When I saw him, he was the most badass person on the show. I almost (almost) wish he had won, or at least not died. He was just so cool. ”

4. Todd Alquist:

Todd was a bad guy in Breaking Bad. But that’s what made him so great. A post on Reddit by a person says that “Even at the end, he was more impressed with Walt than anything else.” You can be creeped out as much as you want. You have to admire that kind of thing.”

3. Hank Schrader

Because Hank Schrader is so nice, you can’t hate him very much! As it says, this is true. “In general, I don’t like to root for the good guys, but Hanks was just so good at what he did. His brother-in-law would have caught him if he wasn’t so lucky. ”

2. Jane Margolis

Jane says on Reddit, “Do I need to explain why?” The problem is that they don’t go into more depth. But Jane is such a well-known character that it’s easy to think that. When she met Jesse, she had a great sense of humor, and they had a lot of fun.

1. Badger

When Breaking Bad fans saw Badger, he was only a tiny part of the show, but he had a significant impact on the fan community. I think this is a good idea. “Through Badger all the way through.” In the end, he was a hitman. He made everyone laugh and was very funny.

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