Breaking Bad Inspired this Major Plot of HIMYM

For the twist in How I Met Your Mother season 8, “Breaking Bad” was a big help. When it came to the plot, the AMC drama series and the CBS sitcom didn’t have a lot of similarity when it came to the show. However, Breaking Bad was one of the most popular shows that aired during the late season of How I Met Your Mother. Here’s how Barney Stinson used Walter White’s manipulation to get Robin Scherbatsky to fall in love with him.

The plot of HIMYM, which took a page from Breaking Bad’s playbook, happened to involve Barney’s Playbook, which is very well known. These plays were used by Barney to try to get women to like him in very silly ways. In the first half of season 8, Barney did his last play, The Robin, in order to get back with his ex-girlfriend. This is how the Robin worked. There were a lot of different steps that happened over six episodes. The reason Barney did this was to make Robin crazy and to get her to find out what she really felt for Patrice. All of a sudden, Robin found Barney on the roof. He had his ring in his hand and was ready to propose to her.

A lot of mystery has been in the show How I Met Your Mother, but until The Robin came along. There was never anything that took the centre stage for a long time.  After the episode, “The Final Page – Part Two.” He said that the idea of a long con came up. The reason the audience was also fooled by Barney. Bays said, was because he took ideas from the finale episodes of Breaking Bad season 4.

In Breaking Bad, the long con that Bays talked about was the storyline in which Walt was the one who made Gus Fring die. Gus fired Walt and threatened to harm his family, so the former meth kingpin went into a desperate mode. This is how it worked. It was hard to get Jesse back on his side because he was still working for Gus. Walt poisoned the young son of Jesse’s ex-girlfriend and blamed it on Gus, but Gus didn’t do anything. After failing with a car bomb, Walt was able to set up Gus’ death with the help of Hector Salamanca. For the same reason, the audience didn’t know what Walt thought.

When you think about Breaking Bad and How I Met Your Mother. You might think this was the only thing that had to do with them. As I said before, the plots didn’t share many of the same things. But there were a lot of similarities between the faces of the characters in the series. Bryan Cranston and Bob Odenkirk, two Breaking Bad stars. Both had small parts in How I Met Your Mother. People who used to be on How I Met Your Mother might be able to keep their friendship alive on Better Call Saul.

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