Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Topics About Season 1 That Keep Getting Better Over Time

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: 10 Topics About Season 1 That Keep Getting Better Over Time

While every sitcom’s 1st season is about character development and establishing the main arcs, Brooklyn Nine-first Nine’s few episodes are even more crucial because the show’s tone is fixed right away. The sitcom is ridiculous because of Jake and Boyle’s friendship and the fun the actors have while working hard and supporting each other.

10. The Compelling Character The Vulture

There are many great Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters after season 1, and “The Vulture” or Keith Pembroke is a memorable person introduced in the fifth episode.

9. Amy Assisting Holt

Captain Holt has always been a big fan of Amy’s, and she wants him to believe she’s doing a great job. Holt adores everyone he did work with, but he’s not the best at expressing himself.

8. The First Great Halloween Episode

Season 1’s “Halloween” kicks off a trend of hilarious Halloween-themed episodes on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Amy isn’t a big fan of the holiday right now, but that will change as she and Jake marry and start a family, and Amy will have to put up with it because Jake loves it so much.

7. Jake Has To Vacate His Residence

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans love Jake because he is kind, charming, and funny. He grows up and matures by the series finale.

6. The Plot of “Full Boyle.”

Jake says that Charles gets too passionate about dating someone and “goes Full Boyle” in Season 1, which is fun.

5. Jake Is Angry Because He Isn’t Winning Cases

Jake is a smart cop on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but he has his moments, such as in the season 1 episode “The Slump,” when he can’t figure out his cases.

4. Rosa And Gina Fight About Pies

Rosa and Gina are both complex and independent in their ways, but they don’t seem to get along, at least not in the show’s early days. They each claim to know the restaurant with the best pie in the first season episode, “48 Hours,” and they decide to compete over it.

3. The Story of Jake and Amy’s Love Begins

Amy and Jake’s favorite Brooklyn Nine-Nine romance begins in season 1.  It’s adorable to see how Jake tells Amy he likes her in the season 1 finale, “Changes and Specs.”

2. The Big Moment For Scully And Hitchcock

Fans are aware that Scully and Hitchcock have a close friendship that at times appears to revolve around eating as much junk food as possible. However, they care about others in their unique ways, and their friendship is a standout feature of the show.

1. Gina’s first impression

Gina is one of the most beloved characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Since her departure in season 6, she has sorely missed her.

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