Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Fans Point Out a Significant Flaw in Captain Holt’s Halloween Heist Plan

Halloween Heists on BROOKLYN NINE-NINE have become a staple of NBC’s hugely popular sitcom. However, a few details about Jake and Holt’s bizarre plans don’t add up. Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg), Raymond Holt (Andre Braugher), and the rest of the Brooklyn Nine-Nine team compete in a fierce battle of wits at the 99th Precinct’s annual Halloween Heist. Fans of the popular NBC comedy, which previously aired on Fox. I have checked the scoreboard so far and discovered some strange mishaps.

Perceptive During the show’s infamous Halloween Heists, fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine have noticed some distracting continuity errors. In season one, detective Jake Peralta bets his captain, Raymond Holt, to steal his Medal of Valour from his office before midnight.

The concept was so popular that each season since then had included a Halloween Heist special.

Unfortunately, Holt’s dubious methods of retrieving the prized crown have landed the sitcom’s third Halloween feud in hot water. When one fan realised Jake should have easily been able to keep the height away from his competitors’ prying eyes, they took to online forums. “Holt takes the crown from the back of Jake’s cabinet,” they explained. However, this was not an option because the crown was in the top drawer.

“This would have a back to it, and it wouldn’t be accessible simply by removing the cabinet’s back.”  Despite being in the top drawer, Jake’s filing cabinet appears to have a unique layout when Holt erases the back to steal the crown. Holt prys open his cabinet from right under Jake’s nose. At the same time, it is taking a photo with Terry Jeffords’ (Terry Crews) twins, Cagney and Lacey.

Unfortunately, the method should not have been possible. Thankfully, Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero), Jake’s girlfriend and future wife, sabotaged the competition and took home the prize this time.

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