By concealing Sophie’s son, HIMYF improves HIMYM’s formula.

HIMYM premiered on CBS in 2005, with a unique take on the traditional sitcom. While Josh Radnor portrayed hopeless romantic Ted Mosby in the show’s current timeline, Bob Saget voiced Future Ted. The latter began each episode by telling his two children how he met their mother. Unfortunately, Saget was never seen on-screen; instead, Radnor grew older for the series finale. All of the reaction scenes featuring the kids—played by Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie. 

How I Met Your Father deviates from the weekly formula in a few key ways. Future Sophie is played in the flesh by Sex and the City star Kim Cattrall, rather than a disembodied narrator who opens each episode. After declining a return to the role of Samantha Jones in the HBO Max spinoff And Just Like That, the actress was a significant addition to the series. However, this isn’t the only change to How I Met Your Mother’s original intro formula, and it’s done on purpose. While these changes may appear minor, How I Met Your Father has the potential to outperform its predecessor in some exciting ways, reversing the show’s mystery while providing consistent screentime to the characters.

HIMYF’s Formula Twist Explained

Future Sophie begins each episode of Kim Cattrall’s How I Met Your Father by telling her son the long. Winding storey of how she met the boy’s Father. Future, As the camera pans between the various male characters in HIMYF’s pilot. Sophie explicitly states that she met the Father during those events. Ted Future surprises his kids in the pilot episode of How I Met Your Mother by revealing that the woman he embarrassingly confessed his love to on the first date was their Aunt Robin, leaving their mother’s identity ambiguous until the final season.

Why Future Sophie’s Son Is Never Shown In HIMYF

If HIMYF truly intends to reveal one of the men introduced in the pilot episode as the Father. The most obvious answer is yes. Showing Future Sophie’s son on-screen would immediately rule out a few possibilities. There are at least six possible Fathers, excluding the chance that he is someone entirely unrelated to Sophie. Who Sophie met off-screen. Two leading men are Ian (Haitian actor Daniel Augustin) and Sid (Indian actor Suraj Sharma).

Kim Cattrall Is Improving On HIMYM’s Original Formula

Fans grew to love Bob Saget’s voice as America’s Father, setting the tone for HIMYM’s weekly shenanigans. While Future Ted’s two children nodded along ambiguously. Because the showrunners pre-recorded all of Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie’s scenes. They were limited in how involved the two kids could be throughout the series. As a result, there was always a disconnect between the characters from the Future timeline. And the now-iconic cast of How I Met Your Mother.

How I Met Your Father has subtly shifted things, but the longer the show is on the air. While it wasn’t their fault, Lyndsy and David’s characters didn’t contribute much to the story aside from sitting on a couch for nine years in front of a wall covered in HIMYM Easter eggs from Ted Mosby’s life. This time, HIMYF is refocusing on the main character rather than future children.

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