Chandler Cheated In The Game With The Embryos, According To A Friends Fan Theory

One of the most popular sitcoms is “Friends,” a show about six 20-something friends dealing with dating, careers, and other issues in New York City. From its 1994 debut on NBC to the present, viewers have been invested in the lives of Rachel, Monica (Courteney Cox), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), Joey (Matt LeBlanc), Chandler (Matthew Perry), and Ross (Matthew Perry) (David Schwimmer).

Fans can relive memorable moments, such as Rachel and Ross’s drunken Vegas wedding or Monica and Chandler’s unexpected London reunion. In Season 5, Episode 12, titled ” One with the Embryos,” one of the show’s most memorable — and hilarious — moments occurs. She and Rachel compete against Chandler and Joey in an episode to see more about the other couple. The game ends with Chandler and Joey winning Monica and Rachel’s apartment after the stakes continue to rise.

As painful as it was for Rachel and Monica, they couldn’t deny that the guys had won the game fairly (despite how much Rachel may have wanted to restrict the results). On the other hand, one “Friends” fan believes Chandler and Joey may not have been playing as fairly as we thought.

According to one fan theory, Chandler convinced Rachel and Monica to play the game in the first place.

Monica denies Joey’s claim that she is wearing her “old lady underpants” because it is her laundry day in the episode, saying, “I just can’t believe you think you and Chandler know Rachel and me better than we know you.” Chandler and Joey follow up by correctly guessing every item in Rachel’s shopping bag. However, if one Reddit user is correct, this may not be as impressive as it appears.

Chandler walks over to Ross and tells him to stop making his annoying game show host impression. User u/AhhBisto posted on Reddit, ” “Joey’s first guess is apples, and Ross preside. WHEN CHANDLER WALKS OVER, I SAY HE LOOK IN THE BAG.” They go on to say that after Joey correctly guesses a few items. Chandler assists them in winning by correctly guessing cans of soda.  Which must be what he saw in the bag when he approached Ross. “Chandler tricks Monica into gambling away the bigger apartment,” Chandler adds, noting Monica’s competitive nature.

On the other hand, aren’t so sure u/the robodog, a Reddit user, replied.  “The angle from which he can see appears to be a little off. But that could be camera work. Although it’s a fun theory, I doubt Chandler started his day thinking about how to get the girls out of their apartment. Lol.”

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