Chandler’s Breakup With His Girlfriends: 8 Laughable Reasons In Friends

Chandler’s girlfriends brought a lot to the table, but they only stayed for a short time. The reasons are his picky dating mannerisms, past mistakes, and lack of trust. He’d come up with ridiculous excuses to make life difficult for himself and his partner. Chandler was a bad dater, as evidenced by the following affairs. He’d either lose interest, nitpick, or let his jealousy get the best of him.

Joanna’s Mascara Goop Grossed Him Out

The irritant in Joanna and Chandler’s relationship was revealed to be the mascara goop formation at the corner of her eye. Chandler eventually told Joanna about the mascara goop, but it’s hysterical that a man of his stature couldn’t see past it.

Marjorie Scared The Bejesus Out Of Him

In “The One Who Has All The Wedding Gowns,” Marjorie was a one-off character who dated Chandler. Chandler accompanied Joey to a sleep clinic, where they met. Marjorie told him she talked in her sleep when he asked what she was up to. After a pleasant conversation, she agreed to accompany him on a date.

Susie Took All His Clothes

In “The Following the Super Bowl, Part 2,” Chandler’s relationship with Susie Moss ended after he got himself into a pickle. Susie ran into him on the set of Outbreak 2: The Virus Takes Manhattan, where he was touring the sets. As a hair and makeup artist, he was there to see Marcel with Ross and the gang. They had a history, and it wasn’t a good one.

Joey’s theory led him to suspect Kathy of cheating.

Chandler was smitten with Kathy, but his distrust stood in the way this time. This was a once-in-a-lifetime love, and he’d done everything he could to imply that he cared for her. He didn’t want to hurt Joey’s girlfriend, who was his best friend and roommate.

Rules Do Apply With A Polyamorous Partner

She had told her about her and her husband Rick’s adventures in Yemen on their first date. Aurora, on the other hand, was an open book and had mentioned another romantic interest every time they met. Chandler’s resentment eventually got the best of him, and he found himself torn between two voices in his head. The first guy reminded him how wonderful his relationship with Aurora was, and the second guy cried whenever she left. “Sorry, the first guy runs the lips,” Chandler said as he listened to the second man kiss Aurora goodbye. Fans and she both laughed.

Danielle had a reason to visit Central Perk.

Danielle, the good woman who came to Central Perk in search of Chandler only to be ignored. Chandler called their first date “the best of all time,” but he dangled her to avoid appearing pathetic. To appear cool, he played a variety of games, all of which revealed that he was the worst flirt in the world. He pretended to be in a restaurant by rattling spoons in a dish when he did leave a message.

Janice’s Voice, Laugh, And Personality

There’s no denying that Chandler and his pals mistreated Janice, Chandler’s recurring girlfriend. Chandler’s feelings for Janice changed frequently; at times, he’d dump her twice in a few months, and at other times, he’d physically prevent her from leaving him.

His office romance with Nina was halted by the Annual Net Usage Statistics Report (ANUS).

Chandler is one of the worst bosses on Friends due to his mishandled affair with Nina Bookbinder, his junior. His company’s Annual Net Usage Statistics (ANUS) report was out in “The One With Two Parts, Part 1,” and the numbers were bad. On Mr. Douglas’ orders, Chandler was to fire Nina, but instead asked her out. So she went to work every day, despite the fact that she didn’t have a job.


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