This Cast Member Cried the Most on Last Season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and You Won’t Believe it.

Andy Samberg, star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has admitted that he cried “at the wrong times” while filming the sitcom’s final season. The police procedural comedy series first aired on FOX in September 2013, but it quickly gained a cult following after abruptly canceling in 2018. Due to social media outcry, NBC promptly picked up Brooklyn Nine-Nine, premiere its eighth and final season.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the antics of immature yet talented detective Jake Peralta (Samberg) as he clashes with the obstinate and detail-oriented Captain Holt (co-created by Parks and Recreation’s Mike Schur and Dan Goor) (Andre Braugher).

While filming the sitcom’s final episodes, Samberg revealed that the cast’s emotions were also running high. Due to the cast’s strong bond, things got “emotionally rough” towards the end of filming due to the cast’s strong bond .Samberg also joked about crying “at the wrong times,” claiming he was moved by one of Brooklyn Nine-most Nine’s famous running jokes for the final time. Read the rest of his quote below:

“It became emotionally difficult as we approached the end because we all realized it was truly coming to an end, and we all love each other and have spent all that time together for eight years. There was a lot of crying that happened at inopportune times. There are some scenes where you might argue, for example, that you should cry.

After eight seasons, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has amassed a formidable list of running gags, which will undoubtedly be referenced at least once more in the final season.

Given how quickly Brooklyn Nine-Nine could have ended with season 5, the three seasons the show has been given now feel like a massive victory lap for the comedy.

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