Fans Blew Daniel Radcliffe’s Mind With One Question About ‘Harry Potter’

Most everyone already knows that Daniel Radcliffe is synonymous with ‘Harry Potter.’ Daniel himself definitely knows it, not that he’s always happy about the connotation.

Remember, Radcliffe has admitted that he’s embarrassed by his time as Harry, now that he’s an adult and a seasoned actor.

Yet Daniel is good-natured about his fame, and that was the case when he participated in a Reddit AMA years ago. But one fan question really shocked him, to Redditors’ delight.

Does Daniel Ever Get Tired Of ‘Harry Potter’ Questions?

In Daniel’s AMA, which took place about seven years ago (after all the films were finished), most of the questions he was asked were about his role as Harry.

The thing is, Daniel didn’t seem to mind, likely because he was still relatively fresh off the set. (by this point, he’s probably absolutely sick of HP questions, and fans don’t blame him!)

When one fan asked THE question that really got Daniel thinking, he prefaced his response by thanking them for asking a question he’d never heard before.

Daniel explained that asking a question about HP was “not easily achieved,” and he was impressed enough to start off with WOW.

What Fan Question Surprised Daniel Radcliffe?

The question posed to Daniel was this: “If you had a Horcrux, what would it be?”

How did no other HP fan think of asking Radcliffe that before? (or maybe, someone has since) After all, nearly the entire series of ‘Harry Potter’ centers on the concept of the Horcruxes.

Plus, Harry himself was literally a Horcrux, which makes this question all the more interesting.

Having been a Horcrux yourself on film, Daniel, what seemingly random artifact would you choose to house all or part of your soul?

It’s a pretty intriguing question, actually, and Daniel seemed to spend some time musing about it before answering. He waffled a bit, saying, “I was gonna say my iPod, prolly put it in that…”

Then he had a better idea; “I would put it inside an album on the iPod, so you’d have to open that album. So I somehow want it to be connected to a particular album that means something.”

So what would mean something to Daniel Radcliffe? Apparently Ziggy Stardust, the actor noted.

Fans loved Daniel’s response, and the question itself. But Radcliffe’s musing about his iPod (remember, this was 2014, but an interesting insight into how Daniel began spending his $110M net worth!) got fans thinking about where they’d store their own Horcruxes, but digitally.

It’s an interesting concept, especially since — despite all the magical tech in ‘HP’ — the films preceded a lot of technology. And still, the magic of Harry Potter lives on, even though fans have learned to take Daniel more seriously these days.


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