Fans Think This Beloved ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Character Is Actually The Worst

Over the years, there have been many shows that went downhill. For example, it is common knowledge that Dexter had a horrible finale and its final few seasons weren’t nearly as good as the show’s glory years. Unfortunately for How I Met Your Mother, virtually everyone agrees that the series was nowhere near as good in its final years. For example, just like Dexter, How I Met Your Mother’s finale is often included on lists of the worst series endings in television history.

Unfortunately, when most TV shows go downhill, that often results in fans starting to dislike characters they once loved due to inconsistent writing. Of course, everyone has their own opinions but most How I Met Your Mother fans agree that the show’s best characters remained likable to the end., Despite that, a survey of How I Met Your Mother fans once named one of the show’s most beloved characters as the series’ worst lead.

The Most Commonly Reviled Character

From the moment that How I Met Your Mother’s premiere episode starts, it is abundantly clear that the show wants viewers to love its main character, Ted Mosby. After all, Mosby serves as the show’s narrator, the whole series is based around him finding love, and it is obvious that viewers are supposed to adore the idea that he is a hopeless romantic.

Of course, just because the people who run a show want viewers to love one character, in particular, doesn’t mean that fans are going to comply. For example, no matter how hard the people behind How I Met Your Mother want fans to love Ted Mosby, it is widely agreed that he is a horrible human being. In fact, there are loads of articles that list the reasons why Mosby is the worst. For that reason, nobody should want to be the Ted of their friend group.

Shocking Survey Results

Considering the common sentiment about Ted Mosby, it seems strange that anyone would feel the need to spend time asking fans who the show’s worst character is. Despite that, in 2021, the people behind decided to survey 619 How I Met Your Mother fans to ask just that question.

Amazingly enough, according to, 27% of the people they surveyed named Marshall Eriksen How I Met Your Mother’s worst main character. In the article in which they revealed their findings, quoted a Reddit user who wrote “Marshall always has difficulty accepting that not everyone shares his views on the world”. The article also called out the time that Marshall “slut-shamed” Robin and when he invited Lily’s dad to Thanksgiving without telling her.

Typical Findings

In life, there are a lot of people who start to question their own opinions once they learn that a lot of people disagree with them. As a result, it seems likely that some people who learned that a survey named Marshall Eriksen How I Met Your Mother’s worst character may have concluded they were wrong to like him in the past. However, even though Lily’s actor Alyson Hannigan didn’t want to kiss Jason Segel, his character Marshall remains popular with most How I Met Your Mother viewers.

For proof of the fact that Marshall Eriksen remains beloved, all you have to do is google the words “most popular How I Met Your Mother character” or something like that. After all, most lists that rank the How I Met Your Mother characters have Marshall in either the first or second spots. With that in mind, it is clear that Looper’s survey had fascinating but unrepresentative results.

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