Friends: 10 Life Lessons That Still Apply Today

Friends were one of the most well-known television series of all time. The show, which followed six young people living in the heart of New York as they tried to figure out life and love. Became a sort of flagbearer for an entire generation and served as the model for several subsequent shows that heavily borrowed from the premise.

Your Past Doesn’t Define You.

Ross had recently divorced when we met him at the show’s start. Rachel had gotten away from her house on her way to the wedding. All of the other characters had baggage of some sort, such as Pheobe’s traumatic childhood and Chandler’s tumultuous relationship with his parents. Despite dealing with a lot in the past, the six main characters were able to forge their own path and find happiness and a sense of becoming complete and at peace with unpleasant memories.

Love Means Compromise

On several occasions, characters on the show attempted to find love without compromising their beliefs. For example, when Richard refused to have children but still desired Monica. Or when Emily refused to let Ross speak to Rachel after their marriage while he was in New York because they couldn’t agree on whether they were on a break. Those were short-lived relationships. Characters willing to compromise for the sake of love, such as Chandler, overcame his fear of commitment to propose to Monica, which resulted in some of the show’s most loving and fulfilling relationships.

Life Doesn’t Wait For Anyone.

One of the show’s main themes was the importance of taking advantage of opportunities as soon as they present themselves. Ross had waited too long to speak with Rachel, and Paolo had to take her. Richard lost Monica because he didn’t want to have children, and by the time he realised he still wanted her despite having children, it was too late; she had moved on to Chandler.

Keep Trying For That Dream Job

Joey’s entire career consisted of giving everything to each new audition or acting role until he became a successful celebrity. Monica had to work in a succession of filthy restaurants before being promoted to executive chef. Rachel began her career as a glorified assistant and rose through the ranks to become a significant executive by the end of the series. Chandler spent his twenties hating his well-paying job until, in his thirties, he summoned the courage to change careers and pursue his dream job in marketing. He was older than his competitors, but he was finally doing something he enjoyed that was also professionally rewarding.

You Can Be Friends With Your Ex

From Ross’s ex-wife Emily to Rachel’s nearly Barry, everyone has a storey to tell. On the show, ex-lovers were a constant source of conflict. Despite their troubled pasts, other exes, such as Richard for Monica and Carol for Ross. Even after the romance had ended, were a source of strength and support. Ross aided Carol in defying her parents on the day of her wedding to Susan. Carol was there for Ross as he dealt with the reality of his friends abandoning him to go skiing with Rachel. Chandler was encouraged by Richard to pursue Monica and prove to her that he was committed to their relationship. These were two ex-partners who shared a mature worldview and a friendly demeanour.

Money Is Not The Primary Motivation

Over the years, Chandler has lent Joey a lot of money. Joey never truly compensated him for his kindness. Joey was happy to lend Chandler a large sum of money when the time came. Besides having already given Monica a sizable sum without Chandler’s knowledge. Their friendship was too strong to be harmed by the dispute over who owed whom how much money. Despite having jobs that pay vastly different amounts, the six have remained strong and united throughout the years, sharing equally in their joys and sorrows.

Divorce does not imply that life or love are over.

Ross’s story reads like a dying man’s will. He married his college sweetheart and lived happily ever after. She revealed herself to be a lesbian later on. He then married Emily and, literally moments before their wedding messed everything up irreversibly. After that, he got drunk and married Rachel in Vegas. Then tried to keep their marriage secret by lying to her about getting an annulment.

Be Kind And Just To Everyone

Because of how nice all of the main characters are, Friends is occasionally accused of being boring. Despite their flaws and problems, any main characters would drop everything to help anyone who needed it, not just each other. When confronted with a difficult decision, the characters repeatedly choose the right path, such as when Chandler lets Janice go to try to work things out with her ex-husband for the sake of her child.

Learn To Express Your Feelings

Although most of the episodes are comedic, there are times when things get serious, and characters are forced to talk about their feelings. When characters try to avoid those moments by burying their emotions. Such as Ross failing to tell Rachel how much he loved her or Joey and Chandler dying to talk about missing each other after living in separate apartments, things inevitably worsen for the characters. The characters can only clear the air and find happiness by being honest about their feelings.

Hold Your True Friends Close

The show’s most important lesson is how important your friends, your surrogate family in a new city, are. You’re a rock in an unusual setting. And your confidantes after a long day of dealing with the problems of the world. It’s hard to imagine anyone finding even one friend as generous, funny, loyal, and charismatic as the show’s main characters, let alone six of them. Nonetheless, the show emphasises the importance of keeping true friends when you’re fortunate enough to find them, rather than losing them due to a petty disagreement or mean-spirited behaviour.

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