Friends: 10 Things Chandler’s Fans Still Hate

Chandler’s sarcastic attitude, witty comebacks, and ability to lighten any situation with his sense of humor are beloved by Friends fans. He was a relatable character who struggled with real-life insecurities and problems.

He Was Over-Critical Of His Friends

Thanks to his witty retorts and inability to keep his sarcastic remarks to himself, Chandler was a fantastic character. However, some of his remarks to his friends may come across as obnoxious and unsupportive.

He Mixed Up Joey’s Sisters

Chandler’s inability to figure out which of Joey’s sisters he kissed was meant to be funny, but it wasn’t. Rather than admitting he’d made a mistake, he continued to aggravate the situation, lying to his friend and kissing another of Joey’s sisters!

His On-And-Off Relationship With Janice

Janice was quickly labeled the obnoxious ex-girlfriend they couldn’t seem to get rid of, but it wasn’t always her fault. Chandler was notorious for manipulating her emotions and constantly bringing her back to break up with her, becoming a running gag on Friends.

His Fat-Shaming Of Monica

On the show, Chandler and Monica were a beloved couple, but looking back at their flashbacks, he mistreated Monica because of her weight. Even though it didn’t seem to affect their relationship, this is one of Chandler’s significant flaws.

His Lack Of Respect For His Mother

Chandler has a tumultuous relationship with his parents, as fans are well aware. In retrospect, he showed no respect for his mother and was quite rude in expressing his opinions.

His Homophobic And Transphobic Attitude

Chandler’s relationship with his father provided another window into the Bings’ dysfunctional family dynamic. Chandler’s constant disapproval and transphobic comments were acted out due to his parent’s divorce and his childhood, but they were completely unacceptable.

His Relationship With Kathy

Although Chandler and Kathy’s relationship was portrayed as cute and playful, the way it began and its sneakiness did not help Chandler. Chandler almost ruined his and Joey’s friendship by dating Kathy, but he still loves her. 

He Ran Out Of His Wedding

What could be more heartbreaking and infuriating than a bride or groom abandoning their wedding? On second thought, this demonstrated Chandler’s insecurities and inner demons, but it was an awful thing to do to Monica.

He Chose His Job Over Monica

Although Chandler and Monica claimed to have made a joint decision, Monica had no intention of telling him what to do with his career. Chandler ultimately chose his job over Monica and relocated to Tulsa. A storyline that Friends fans would cut if they could.

He Kept Secrets & Elaborately Lied About Them

Monica was not going to tell Chandler what to do with his career. Even though they supposedly made a decision together. Chandler eventually decided his job over Monica and moved away to Tulsa. A storyline that Friends fans would cut if they could.

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