Friends: 8 Way-Ahead-Of-Their-Time Characters

Now is a great time to pay tribute to the many Friends characters who have a special place in the hearts of fans. Jack and his daughter, major character Monica Geller, were ahead of the curve. They are determined to reject conventional standards, break down gender boundaries, and advocate for ordinary people’s concerns. On the other hand, characters like Rachel Green and Mike Hannigan took a more equitable approach.

Jack Geller: Covered half of Ross and Emily’s wedding costs.

When Jack’s eldest son, Ross, decided to marry Emily, the doting father stepped forward to share the bride’s father’s wedding expenses. He met with Emily’s father, Stephen Waltham, in the two-parter “The One with Ross’s Wedding” to tell him he was happy to be paying for his half.

Monica Geller: I Stayed In NYC To Take A Once-In-A-Lifetime Job

Monica was a tough character who refused to give in to peer pressure and stayed on to work as the head chef at Javu. She was supposed to move to Tulsa with Chandler in “The One With the Pediatrician,” but she stayed when she learned that an upscale Manhattan restaurant owner wanted to interview her.

Chandler Bing: Fostered Equal Partnership In Marriage

Monica didn’t have to worry about staying in the city when she moved to Tulsa for work because of Chandler. He was also proud of her achievements and didn’t mind being out of work for a while while she looked after them.

Mike Hannigan: He and Phoebe’s Class Divide Was Bridged

Mike came from a wealthy family, and his parents were Upper East Siders who sneered at, if not outright despised, the less fortunate. When Phoebe met with Mike’s parents, it was clear that he wanted them to treat her equally. He demanded that his parents treat the woman he loved with respect, and when they didn’t, he married her anyway.

Pete Becker: Tech Visionary

Pete Becker was a true visionary. Although Monica only learned about his journey after he reentered the Ultimate Fighting Championship, he was way ahead of the curve in his growth mindset.

Susan And Carol: Built A Non-Traditional Family Unit

Susan and Carol’s historical saga was one of the Friends’ storylines decades ahead of its time. Carol and Ross were married for three years before Carol came out as a lesbian, and they divorced. Carol was pregnant with Ross’ child and in love with Susan. On the show, the three of them became wonderful parents to Ben.

Rachel Green: Upheld Feminist Ideals

What can be said about Rachel Green, television’s reigning feminist queen. Who was always ahead of the curve in her life decisions? In Friends, the character defied gender norms in a way that her mother, Sandra Green, couldn’t.

Phoebe Buffay: An Icon For The Woke Generation

Phoebe Buffay was a true visionary. She was a pacifist who wanted to end world hunger and make the rainforest better.

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