Harry Potter: James Potter Actually Saved Snape’s Life

Harry Potter revealed details about the Wizarding World’s various eras throughout seven novels adapted into eight films. While the main focus was on Harry Potter and his friends’ time at Hogwarts, parts of the story hinted at events involving Harry’s parents that occurred decades before.

James Potter’s rescue of Severus Snape was a quietly pivotal moment in the Harry Potter franchise’s backstory, even if neither man was particularly pleased with the development, and it only fueled their long-running rivalry.

Severus Snape is a recurring antagonist in the Harry Potter series. Despite his involvement with Voldemort’s Death Eaters in the past. Snape is shown to dislike Harry Potter on a personal level. Snape’s lingering resentment for Harry’s father, James — who had been a significant rival to Snape in their youth — is eventually revealed to be the cause of this.

Despite this, Snape proves to be a surprising protector for Harry throughout the series. He saves the boy’s life several times, which Dumbledore points out to Harry is partly because James once saved Snape’s life as a member of the Marauders.

The introduction of James’ friend, Remus Lupin, in the novel version of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, deepened this connection. Lupin, a new professor at the school, exacerbates Snape’s past resentment. However, Sirius teased Snape that the truth was at the Shack due to Snape’s attempts to uncover the truth. Snape dashed to the Shack, utterly unaware that he was about to enter a deadly situation. However, James rushed into action and reached Snape before he could fully recover.


Even though Snape learned the truth about Lupin, James’ actions saved his life. However, this did not lessen the rivalry between the two young men. Their shared feelings for Lily Evans had exacerbated their rivalry. And Snape’s rash attack on Lily over her Muggle-born status had strained their relationship further. This made her vulnerable to a romance with James a few years later, when he’d matured. In contrast, Snape may have shielded Harry because of his undying love for Lily.

This link is mainly maintained in the films, and it helps to explain Snape’s apparent hatred for Harry. But, more importantly, it contributes to the image of young James Potter, who was a jerk. While it doesn’t excuse Snape’s actions at the time, James Potter’s decision to prevent his friend from accidentally killing someone appears to be his only redeeming feature from that period of his life.

It could have kept waking for the call of James in his fifth year, motivating him to get better. Even though he never appears in the actual events of the book or film series. James’ rescue of Snape is one of the series’ most pivotal moments. Despite being a pretty bad indictment of the kind of people, he and his best friends were teenagers.

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