HIMYF Is Over-Looking an Important Aspect of HIMYM’s Appeal

How I Met Your Father risks losing some of what made How I Met Your Mother so popular. Even in its first season, by premiering in January. How I Met Your Father is a spin-off of HIMYM. Following, Sophie (Hillary Duff) recounts the storey of how she met his father to her son. Complete with the same relationship antics, 30-something life events. And everlasting friendships that made the original series so famous. While How I Met Your Father’s setup and hindsight in learning from HIMYM’s finale mistakes give it an advantage. One of the best aspects of the original show may be overlooked in the spin-off.

While the first season of HIMYM focused on Ted’s search for love, the gang’s personalities. As well as the will they/won’t they dynamic with Robin. The show used a clever trick to emphasize the series’ big moments and memorability. HIMYM features three major holiday-themed episodes in the first season alone. All of which help advance the plot while also establishing themselves as some of the series’ best installments. HIMYM season 1 episode 6, “The Slutty Pumpkin,” is the show’s most famous Halloween episode. Episode 9’s “Belly Full of Turkey” started the show’s Thanksgiving traditions. Episode 11’s “The Limo” proved Ted and Robin’s endgame love story wasn’t over when they kissed on New Year’s Eve.

Because it premiered in the fall, How I Met Your Mother included multiple holiday-themed episodes in its first 11 episodes, ensuring the show’s rewatchability from the start. On the other hand, season 1 of How I Met Your Father will premiere on January 18, 2022, surpassing the most popular annual holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve.

While a few minor holidays, such as Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, are still celebrated within the timeframe of HIMYF’s 10-episode order, they don’t have the same yearly impact or thematic memorableness as the celebrations in HIMYM’s first season.

While the pilot episode of How I Met Your Father airing in January most likely signals the absence of Christmas, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, this isn’t always the case. Although Ted Lasso season 2 premiered in July, the show still fit in a Christmas episode in August, which wasn’t the show’s original plan. For Ted Lasso season 2, Apple TV + ordered two extra episodes, including Christmas-themed and Coach Beard-centered episodes. Hulu may request the same treatment for How I Met Your Father to keep the show’s big celebrations and moments, which would include a significant holiday, outside the typical timeline.

However, the release window for How I Met Your Father puts the show at risk of missing out on some of its most memorable episodes. Especially since its sitcom format lends itself to holiday installments. With Thanksgiving specials, Christmas episodes centered on the main characters’ friendships. And zany Halloween premises lending some of the show’s most iconic moments, How I Met Your Mother season 9 didn’t abandon its clever use of holidays for plot advancement. If How I Met Your Father’s season lasts past St. Patrick’s Day in March, it will have the opportunity to repeat HIMYM’s pivotal season 3 episode about the holiday. Ted and the mother were inadvertently in the same bar. Holiday-themed episodes aren’t required for How I Met Your Father to succeed. But they would be missing out on a critical element that made How I Met Your Mother so memorable.

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