HIMYF Set Up its Very First “Pineapple” Moment

How met your father episode 7: Rivka rebel set up the first ongoing mystery in meeting your father that isn’t about who your dad is. A framing device used in How I Met Your Mother is also used in this movie. The older version of a character is telling their child a story. However, How I Met Your Father has tried to put a new twist on the things it has taken from the original. This is how it works:

When Sophie and Valentina go to a celebrity-filled Bat Mitzva. They think they’ve accidentally drugged the group of teenage girls they’re taking pictures of. But it turns out that it was just a prank gone wrong. Sophie points out that their friendship is built on the rule. That they won’t lie to each other and won’t talk about Halloween 2018.

When the scene moves forward to 2050, Sophie’s son wants to know what happened on Halloween 2018. Sophie (Kim Cattrall) tells him that she won’t tell him.

Halloween 2018 sets up a mystery for How I Met Your Father that can be seen in the TV show’s seasons. It keeps alive a tradition that helped keep How I Met Your Father interesting. One question asked a question that some people are still wondering about almost ten years later. Ted told part of the story of “the goat” before realizing that he had told it at the wrong time. A scene from the final season of How I Met Your Mother was the only way to solve this mystery. They used this trick around Halloween 2018. How I Met Your Father is learning from this and using one of the best parts of the original show again.

In the first season of HIMYM, the only big mystery was who the mother was. And that it would have a chance to solve the mystery later on. Late in season 1, How I Met Your Father, talked about Halloween 2018. Shoemakers would be right if they said that How I Met Your Father would have a 20-episode season 2.

It has had to walk an excellent line between paying homage and setting itself apart to be a spin-off show in the same universe as How I Met Your Father. With its corrections of old controversies. How I Met Your Father has done this better in some places than in others. Other attempts to copy the original have failed. As a result, the Halloween 2018 mystery in How I Met Your Father is more closely related to the HIMYM. Mystery in a way that works well with the show’s bigger story.

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