How I Met Your Father: 5 Reasons Fans Are Glad It’s Unconnected

How I Met Your Father won’t connect to the original series – but how will this help the spin-off, and why might it hurt the new show?

With the huge success of How I Met Your Mother , it’s no surprise that a spin-off is in the works; in fact, the only surprise may be that it took so long for How I Met your Father happen! The story begins in 2021, and will not be connected to the characters of the original, but will reportedly be an updated take on the original premise, with a gender-flipped central figure.

Now that the news is official, some fans are disappointed that a spin-off won’t be continuing Ted & Co’s legacy, but just using the same framework, but there are definitely reasons that this was a good choice. After all this allows for a fresh take on the unique style of the original – but should it have been connected, or was this the right choice?

1 Unconnected: Ted Isn’t A Well-Liked Character

The ending of How I Met Your Mother was controversial, but it wasn’t the only part of the original show that fans weren’t entirely on board with – unfortunately, Ted himself isn’t a particularly well-liked character. He may have been the central figure, but he’s often seen as obsessive, whiny, and just plain annoying at times. He worked for the original series, but trying to continue this lovesick architect for a new series would be likely to discourage fans, rather than excite them.

2 Unconnected: There’s No Mystery To The Future

Of course, the biggest issue with a connected series is that How I Met Your Mother showed the characters’ entire life stories in the end – their immediate future, but also Marshall becoming a Judge, Barney becoming a father, and TED and ROBIN getting back after Tracys death. This would create problems for a really interconnected series, and while seeing Tracy’s side of things would be fantastic, it would also be difficult to keep it really lighthearted, given that fans would know that she dies tragically young.

3 Unconnected: The Time Difference Creates A Problem

One of the biggest issues with a connected series would be the time frame. How I Met Your Mother begins with the characters in their 20s in 2005, and it seems that How I Met Your Father will begin with the characters around the same age in 2021 – meaning that there will be around a 15 year age gap between the two groups. That would make connection fairly difficult – in 2021, the How I Met Your Mother gang are married, settled down, raising kids, or (in the case of Barney and Robin) traveling the world. Connecting that to a group of twenty-somethings just figuring life out just doesn’t make sense.

2 Unconnected: Two Endings Confuse Things For Spin-Offs

Because How I Met Your Mother had such a divisive ending, they actually released an alternate ending with the DVD box set – one where none of the divorce, death, and reconnection between Ted and Robin ever happened. This was great for fans who were furious about the official ending, but makes life difficult when it comes to spin-offs and future stories, because there are two paths that the same story takes.

1 Unconnected: Total Storytelling Freedom

One of the best parts of a story that is entirely unconnected is that there is room for any and every story – and no need to triple check every line of dialogue or date of flash forward to make sure that they all line up! There’s even space for How I Met Your Father to move locations – to tell a twenty-something story based in any other US city (or any city in the world, although the chances of that happening are slim, for practical reasons!).

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