How I Met Your Father Avoids The Robin Greatest Mistake In HIMYM

My story about how I met your father was a big mistake for How I Met Your Mother to set up Robin and Ted’s relationship early on. Sophie, on the other hand, avoids that mistake. During the first episode of How I Met Your Father, a twist ending is revealed when Sophie meets the title father. However, the show has been cautious not to give away who the person is. Instead, HIMYM’s Ted Mosby opened the door to any girl he meets being the mother. Instead of the original show being more strict about who the mother wasn’t. This is because the original show focused more on who the mother was.

Before meeting Tracy, Ted had a lot of important relationships. When it was clear that the woman would not be the mother, many seemed less critical. Because Ted told Robin in the first episode that she would only be “Aunt Robin”. His off-and-on romance with Robin was an excellent example. Even though Ted and Robin’s relationship was still critical to HIMYM’s story. And the ending twist in which Robin and Ted end up together.

The focus on their romance often took away from what viewers were most excited about: the mother’s identity. To become an endgame couple, Ted and Robin had to go through a rough time.

Hulu’s HIMYF cleverly avoids this problem by never referring to Sophie’s close male friends from that night as her son’s “uncle.” This avoids the problem. How I Met Your Father: Episode 8: Before Sophie and Jesse kiss for the first time.  Future Sophie refers to him as “a certain someone.” This doesn’t give us any clues about what he does in 2050. Sophie and Jesse look like they’re doing the same thing as Ted and Robin. But the reboot still gives them hope for a future together. Jesse could be the father even if he and Sophie become an official couple and then break up. The idea that he could be the title character adds to the bigger mystery.

HIMYM made it clear in the pilot that Ted’s best friends, Lily and Robin, would not be the mother. Sophie’s best male friends and Ian and Drew could be the father of her son, says How I Met Your Father. In this case, it’s more exciting to leave Jesse, Sid, and Charlie as the three leading candidates for the title character of HIMYF. The show’s most exciting dynamics happen between the main characters. In How I Met Your Father, the main characters all had a chance to be the father of Sophie’s child. This twist of undermining the core, seemingly stable relationships also made the movie more interesting. Sid or Charlie could also father Sophie’s child; this is the most important thing to know.

“Aunt Robin” may not have been so controversial if Ted had not called Robin “Aunt Robin” early on. In the end, Robin was still Ted’s best friend, even though he didn’t know she was his mother. Ted may have made viewers more invested in their off-and-on relationship by not telling them that she was “Aunt Robin,” making them care more about their relationship. Viewers don’t know what will happen to Sophie and Jesse after they finally kiss in the first season of HIMYF. They could get married, have a child, or have a series of off-and-on relationships with each other. How I Met Your Father doesn’t call Jesse or any of her male friends “uncle.” This keeps viewers guessing about the main characters’ endings in relation to Sophie more than How I Met Your Mother did.

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