How I Met Your Father: These Fan Theories are Legen-Wait for it-Dary!

While the details surrounding HIMYF are still being kept under wraps, that hasn’t stopped fans from theorizing how the spinoff will tie into the original series. Here are a few ideas McLaren’s Pub regulars already have for the spinoff series:

01 The Original Cast Will Make Cameos

While it’s already been revealed that the new story will follow a different group of friends, that doesn’t rule out the possibility of the original cast making a cameo or two. Maybe Robin will be reporting on a TV in the background or a lead character will be facing a court date with Judge Marshall. Or, perhaps secondary characters from the original series will have their time to shine.

02 Barney Is The “Father”

One of the most exciting theories centers around the lead character, Sophie (played by Duff), having a baby with Barney, the notorious womanizer from the original series. While Barney did end up having a child with an unidentified woman in HIMYM, Ellie was a daughter. Fans know Sophie will be telling her son the story of how she met his father, so this probably isn’t the same baby. Since Barney had plenty of random hookups over the years, however, there’s a chance he fathered another baby he didn’t know about, which ended up being Sophie’s son.

03 Adam Lamberg Is The “Father”

In 2020, Duff was working on a reboot of Lizzie McGuire for Disney+, which ultimately didn’t work out. But since Duff will be playing a different young adult character for Hulu, fans hope she’ll still get an onscreen reunion with Adam Lamberg (who played Gordo in the Lizzie McGuire series). Perhaps he’ll be her son’s father, which would make for one epic crossover.

04 Running ‘HIMYM’ Gags Will Return

From “eating sandwiches” and enforcing Slap Bets to suiting up and “haaaave you met Ted,” the original series had so many running jokes fans still love. Even if the original characters don’t return, incorporating some of their jokes would be a legen — wait for it — dary nod to the original sitcom.

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