How I Met Your Mother: 10 Scenes That Make Viewers Nervous When Rewatching

How I Met Your Mother was a funny sitcom, but some parts are hard to rewatch, whether a problematic scene or a character being cringey (cough, Ted).

Ted’s First “I Love You” To Robin

It obviously sets up the entire show, but it is so painfully ludicrous and awkward on Ted’s end. Furthermore, it kicks off an obsession with Robin that never ends, which is enough to give fans a bit of nervousness when rewatching the pilot.

Ted Talking To Future Versions Of Him & Barney

It turns out Ted is alone with a single ticket to Robots vs. Wrestlers while Lily and Marshall care for the baby, and Robin and Barney plan their wedding. The reveal breaks fans’ hearts and is made even worse when he goes and meets the mother, and there is a small instance of foreshadowing of her death.

The Final Blue French Horn Moment

That final moment when Ted arrives and holds the blue French horn up to Robin is not only the heartbreaking end of the show but the encapsulation of everything that went wrong in that final episode.

Brad Seducing The Court

Using his toned physique, flowing hair, and bearded face, Brad seduces the jury into siding with him on his defensive case against Marshall. Funnily enough, the judge also has a thing for Brad, the jury is made up completely of women, and Brad was even encouraged to do this. It was severely unfunny then and has aged worse and worse.

Robin & Barney Announcing Their Divorce/The Aftermath

This bleeds into Robin drifting from the group, Barney going back to his womanizing ways without a second thought, and Robin revealing she should have been with Ted. None of these things are good narrative choices, and it all starts with the reveal that Barney and Robin divorce, a controversial move in itself.

Barney’s Longest Second

With the two having cheated on their partners with each other and agreeing to break up with them, Barney follows through; Robin does not. The pain on Barney’s face is clear as Robin shakes her head and the world stands still.

Marshall’s Dad’s Death Countdown

When the cab arrives delivering the number one as Marshall stands outside MacLarens and a teary-eyed Lily approaches, hearts sink. She reveals that Marshall’s dad had a heart attack and died, and it is a moment that induces tears and shock-like no other, perhaps the best-executed bit of heartbreak in the series.

Tracy’s Death

This moment is a complete shock. In the alternate ending, Barney and Robin get back together and seemingly live happily ever after, the mother is alive and happy with Ted, and that finale is pretty fantastic. In this, though, Tracy dies, and it turns out the show really should have been called “How I Met Your Aunt Robin.”

Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment In Slappmara

This whole episode really should not exist. Every scene in which it uses Asian culture as a costume, “yellowface,” and racial stereotypes in a poor attempt at comedy is pretty out of order.

Robin Getting Slut-Shamed

Marshall, typically the nicest and most consistently unproblematic member of the gang, flat-out calls Robin a slut after the Naked Man incident, but that is not the only time she is a victim of it. Her relationship with Scooby, the Mermaid Theory, the woo girls, and more lead to some double standards amongst the group. All of these scenes are nerve-wracking and uncomfortable to watch; they were not okay then and certainly are not now.

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