How I Met Your Mother: 5 Best Friendships

How I Met Your Mother, the popular sitcom airing for 9 seasons, has some great and terrible friendships. We rank the best and worst pairs on the show.

 Robin & Lily

While the internet kind of drags Lily through the mud, we’ll support the fact that she and Robin are actually incredible supporters of one another. Lily helps Robin connect with females, and honestly, Lily is pretty much the only one that Robin is able to succeed with.

These two strong women support one another, and they know each other’s deepest secrets and insecurities. Women supporting women is something that more TV shows should focus on, and these two fit the bill.

Marshall & Robin

Robin is going to show up a couple more times on this list (in both categories), as is Marshall. While the friendship between these two isn’t exactly a super close bond, somehow these two always end up there for each other when it really counts. Isn’t that the kind of best friend that we all need?

These two never undermine each other during the series, and in fact, we see the best acts of friendships between these two. We dare you not to catch all of the feels when Marshall takes Robin to the Hoser Hut to help ease her homesickness. We’re melting.

Barney & Marshall

Barney is definitely a controversial character and one that is pretty selfish. However, we argue that Marshall and Barney bring out the craziness in one another, but they also bring out the best in each other. Barney respects Marshall for who he is, and Marshall also respects Barney for who he is.

Marshall & Ted

Alright, so this one is pretty undeniable. Ted and Marshall have an absolutely pure male bond that is actually pretty rare. They rarely insult or cross one another, and honestly, they even have deep talks and support each other regardless of what they choose. Also, they give each other tough love.

Robin & Ted

This friendship might get a lot of shade, but we’re simply arguing that these two are the best at being exactly that: friends. Let’s ignore the finale (where all of our hearts were shattered into a million pieces) for a minute.

Robin and Ted get each other to such an extent that it actually annoys everyone else when they get going with their mimics and inside jokes. These two support each other night and day, and despite their tricky romantic situation, Ted still does everything he can for Robin, and Robin appreciates and helps out Ted all the same. These two are actually friendship goals, and we won’t hear another word about it.

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