How I Met Your Mother: Short-Term Love Interests Who Deserved More

On How I Met Your Mother, the endgame was always the mother, but along the way there were many love interests that deserved better.


The relationship between Barney and Quinn was never one that could’ve lasted. The two of them are both far more interested in schemes, games, and lies, especially when they first met one another.

Yet, despite Quinn’s nefarious behavior around Barney, he was hardly a gold-star student. He often projected his own insecurity and jealousy onto her and demanded she bend to his every whim. Not only did she deserve a better end to her character because of how much her life was throttled by Barney, but she was also a deliriously good foil who deserved more screen time.


Cheating was often abound in short-term HIMYM relationships and that’s one of the major reasons why these characters should have been treated with more honor and respect by the series’ creative staff.

Nora was one such victim of this infidelity. However, Barney’s fling was not only a victim of his cheating on her with Robin, but he also manipulated her and strung her along through a coupling he never had intentions of committing to. There must be justice for Nora!


Still though, Zoey’s arc ends up mostly tied to The Captain until she eventually, for no reason, makes a play at linking back up with Ted romantically. It was almost entirely out of character for her and she deserved a more noble ending than that.


Nick is Robin’s fling, played by Michael Trucco, who appeared in just seven episodes towards the end of the HIMYM run. Even though he was clearly not the one for Robin, he was still sweet enough to have earned a better conclusion.

After all, Nick may have been a bit dimmer than many of the others who visited MacLaren s pub . But he still meant well. Plus, Trucco’s obligations outside of HIMYM left Nick without a clear trajectory for his character.


f all of Ted’s girlfriends, victoria has strong argument for being the best of the short term batch (Most would agree that Tracy was aces, even if her ending got the short shrift.) Despite this, Victoria’s conclusion left a lot to be desired.

Her return towards the end of HIMYM‘s run was very welcome. However, it was mostly in service of advancing the dynamic between Ted and Robin, which fans had long since moved on from. It would’ve been nice to see Victoria’s arc end with more focus on her own progression.

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