How I Met Your Mother: Storylines The Show Dropped

Throughout the series How I Met Your Mother had several reoccurring plots. While most of these were resolved, there were a few that were just dropped.

Ellie’s Mother

According to events depicted in the Season 9 episode “Last Forever – Part Two,” Barney’s daughter Ellie was born in 2020. Barney got a woman pregnant during what he described as his “Perfect Month.” In the month, he managed to hook up with 31 women. However, the 31st woman got pregnant with his baby.

Sadly, the show never revealed who Ellie’s mother was. Viewers never learn how Barney met Ellie’s mother either. The only thing that came out of the story was Barney having someone he could call family.

Tracy’s Illness

Instead, the plot quickly moved back to the Ted and Robin romance. As the titular character, Tracy deserved to be treated a little bit better. The suspense leading up to her appearance was so intense only for her to be killed off unceremoniously. Perhaps a happily-ever-after story with Ted would have been better.

The Threeway Plan

In the first season, Ted had a one-night stand with a woman named Trudy after they exchanged numbers in the ladies’ room. She then left his apartment by climbing down the fire escape. In Season 3, Ted bumped into her again.

The Mystery Of The Cockamouse

At one point in the series, Lily and Marshall saw a strange thing as they wlked into their apartment. Lily insisted it was a cockroach while Marshall insisted it was a mouse. A cockroach and a mouse vary greatly in size, so, that creates a problem. They attempted to kill it using bug spray but that didn’t work.

They also hit it with a phonebook, but it didn’t die either. Scared, they rushed out to tell the rest of the gang about it. They called it the “cockamouse.” Later on, Marshall trapped it and took it to the Columbia Biology Department. When he arrived, he no longer had it. The “cockamouse” was mentioned in several other episodes but it was never shown. What was it?

Tracy Left Mid-Reception

Ted met Tracy when he was out in the rain after leaving the wedding reception early. But Tracy’s early departure doesn’t make sense. Was she attending to an emergency? Her band (the SuperFreakonomics) was playing at the wedding, hence it wouldn’t have been responsible for leaving the reception early.

The wedding was the only major gig that the band had gotten, hence it must have meant a lot to Tracy. It isn’t known what happened to the band after Tracy’s death either.

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