How I Met Your Mother: The Main Characters, Ranked By Power

Despite how close the main five are in How I Met Your Mother, there are certain dynamics at play, with some having more social power over the others.

Lily Aldrin

Lily is the mother of the group, often giving out advice, whether asked for or not, to her friends and being heavily involved in the lives of them all, holding a lot of influence with them through her deceptively manipulative side that hides behind her kind demeanor. However, even with this power, she holds over the rest of the gang, overall, she is the least powerful of the group.

Ted Mosby

As both an architect and professor at Columbia, Ted has more financial power than Lily, but also more power through his career as a whole, becoming well known for his New York skyline building, a fantastic achievement, and is an incredibly popular teacher to his students. Ted does not hold political power, nor does he have as wide a reach as others in the gang. In terms of money, he earns more than Lily, but less than everyone else by the end of the show, having no real power in that regard.

Robin Scherbatsky

As an international news anchor for World Wide News, Robin traveled all over the globe, was recognized by the public, made a killing, and was incredibly successful. Given the fact she was a famous news anchor, she most likely had a decent amount of political influence, definitely more than most of the gang. As well as all that, Robin held a good level of social power, being well known in the public eye for being the face of a huge news channel, plastered on advertisements across New York and beyond; not to mention her having a hold over Ted and Barney for a lot of the show.

Barney Stinson

Barney is undoubtedly the richest of the group, with more money than he knows what to do with through his sketchy career that ends up being him working with the F.B.I, another layer to him that affords quite a bit more power than most others in the group. He has many connections, many random people he knows with avenues into various circles, whether that be through his job, gambling, or his expensive taste; the amount of people he knows alone makes him pretty powerful and even dangerous as just a regular guy in the city. Barney’s more evil side, manipulation, obsession, and deception, make him an unpredictable individual with a pretty unique and unknown level of power.

Marshall Eriksen

There is a crucial difference between the type of power held by Barney and that held by Marshall that puts Marshall ahead of him, despite Barney having a lot more power and influence than the other three. Marshall’s power is more meaningful, more tangible. Barney’s personality, taste, and money make him influential, whereas Marshall’s job gives him incredible power.

There is also the social side; while Barney is well connected to many random, even shady people in various circles, Marshall’s job connects him to very powerful people, leaders, justices, politicians, CEOs; not to mention the fact he is married to Lily. As much as Marshall would love some supernatural powers, he will have to settle for money, influence, and immense popularity amongst his friends and peers.

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