How I Met Your Mother: Times when Robin Said Everything Fans Were Thinking

Robin Scherbatsky from How I Met Your Mother is a realist who is not afraid of speaking her mind or saying everything the show’s fans are thinking.

Sisters Fight, Ted!

Robin can be a really nasty roommate, especially if someone doesn’t fight back. When her sweet, forgiving and ooverly nice friend and colleague Patrice starts dating Barney, Ted points out that Barney is ‘over-correcting’ and only dating Patrice since she is so starkly different from the unreliable and somewhat detached Quinn.

Robin remarks that she loves Patrice and they’re like sisters. And when Ted points out that she has never had one exchange with her without screaming, Robin yelled, “Sisters fight, Ted!” This particularly may have resonated with fans who have shared rooms or clothes with their sisters, and have screamed at them for minor annoyances despite loving them. 

Aren’t You Tired Of Waiting For Destiny, Ted? Isn’t It Time To Make Your Own Destiny?

This is something every HIMYM loyalist has thought of screaming at Ted at some point. For someone who claims to be self-aware and wants to work on himself, Ted was quite delusional about his own priorities. He simply knew that he wanted to spend his life with his soulmate and believed that his destiny would grant him that.

This assumption has actually stood in the way of him making sound decisions and in Season 7’s fourth episode when Robin finally tells Ted that he’s been devoting too much of his energy on simply waiting for things to happen to him. 

We Share Appetizers!

Robin’s disgusted response makes better sense under the right context, of course. Marshall once shared with the gang, “I was once with this chick, who liked to do hand stuff underneath a jacket, while we were all sitting around our favorite booth at MacLaren’s.”

He was probably talking about Lily but this information suddenly clicked with Ted and Robin who were listening to Marshall’s story. “We share appetizers!” Robin remarked, citing her very relatable annoyance with Marshall’s disregard for basic hygiene at a communal table.

I Know I May Not Love You The Way You Love Me, But I DO Love You. Isn’t That Worth Hanging On To?

Technically these words were spoken by Robin’s apparition that appeared in Ted’s mind. HIMYM acknowledges the fact that there can be many forms of love, especially if a relationship has a strong foundation of friendship. Ted felt sad because Robin didn’t reciprocate his feelings at that point, though she loved him quite a bit. Fans of the show have also commented how Robin and Ted’s relationship was quite aspirational, except of course, how Ted would always try to pigeonhole their dynamic as a romantic one.

“I know our relationship isn’t exactly what you want it to be, and I know I may not love the way you love me, but I do love you. Isn’t that worth hanging onto?” Robin asks in season 7’s twenty-second episode.

Well, Maybe This Isn’t A Breakup. Maybe This Is Two Friends Getting Back Together

It has to be acknowledged that Robin and Barneys relationship was a lot healthier than Robin and Ted’s, primarily because Barney and Robin went with the flow and were transparent with each other, whereas Ted and Robin were simply in two very different places during their relationship.

So, Barney and Robin’s breakup was also a lot less toxic because unlike Ted, Barney had never seen Robin as ‘the one’ or his soulmate and took their split as a personal rejection. They could easily be friends, even after their divorce because they simply wanted to be in each other’s lives. So, when Robin said “Maybe this is two friends getting back together,” the viewers really related to this logic.

If? Ted, The Kids In That Movie Jumped Into A Painting And Spent 15 Minutes Chasing A Cartoon Fox. Spoonful Of ‘Sugar’? Grow Up

Even if the viewers weren’t thinking it, Robin’s insight is bound to have given them a lot to think about their beloved childhood classic. In season six, When Ted compares Robin’s purse to Mary Poppins’ purse only if it was filled with drugs, Robin questions the incredulity of the entire movie which had the kids breaking into a painting, and implied that something other than a “Spoonful of Sugar” (as per the song in the movie) was at play in the film. 

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