Jake Should Have Been Fired At least these 10 Times In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn’t known for being the most realistic cop show on television. The characters have outlandish personalities, and the cases they work on are typically outlandish. Jake Peralta, the show’s protagonist, is the worst offender when it comes to office shenanigans.

Because the show is a comedy, all of the more mundane aspects of police work are played up for laughs. However, viewers will find it difficult to suspend their disbelief given the number of offences Jake has committed. Jake would have been fired a long time ago in a normal workplace.

The First Halloween Heist

The first of the Halloween Heists was arguably the worst in terms of the amount of property damage Jake caused on his own. He had to spend the entire day deceiving Holt and causing havoc throughout the precinct in order to win. Jake shattered his office ceiling and set fire to a trash can as a distraction. He should have been fired for just one of these infractions. It was not only dangerous, but the entire heist was a distraction for everyone who was trying to get work done.

Every Time He Worked With Doug Judy

Doug Judy is a convicted criminal who used to be Jake’s biggest foe. Jake eventually warmed up to him, and Doug began to regard Jake as his best friend. Jake doesn’t necessarily help him with his criminal activities, but in order to do right by Doug, he keeps secrets from the police department. As a citizen, obstructing an ongoing investigation could get Jake in trouble, but as a cop, it should have gotten him fired.

Breaking The One-Way Mirror

The number of things Jake breaks around the precinct goes unnoticed. Every day, workers should be stationed around the Nine-Nine to repair the damage that Jake has caused, but everything seems to magically repair itself.

His Unprofessional Workplace Demeanor

Jake lacks professionalism because he is written to be a chaotic character. He acts in a way at the precinct that isn’t expected in a professional work environment, but he’s only ever been called out on it as a joke. Jake will scream at the top of his lungs and act like a child on a sugar high as he runs around the Nine-Nine. He is disrespectful to those who are trying to do their jobs around him, and no real department would consider hiring him.

Unwarranted Arrests

Arresting a citizen is not something that should be done on the spur of the moment, and cops must have enough evidence to keep their suspect in custody. Jake is the type of person who “acts now and thinks later,” which gets him into trouble when it comes to making arrests. Jake places his trust in his gut over his intellect, which leads him to act. The entire precinct is forced to work over the weekend to ensure that he does not get away. Jake’s decision appears to have been made with more serious consequences in mind.

The Full Bullpen

Instead of working, Jake decides to try the “full bullpen,” which entails sliding across the floor in only his socks to see how far he can go. The entire concept is flawed in several ways, but Jake taking off his shoes and performing stunts in the middle of an office is not the worst.

How He Treats The Precinct’s Captain

Jake never treats the captain like a boss, regardless of who is in charge at the time. For this reason, his relationship with Holt was rocky in Season 1, and he was only kept on the force because of his exceptional detective abilities. As the two grow closer, Jake makes the mistake of calling Holt “dad” on a regular basis as a running gag. Although it is touching because Jake has a strained relationship with his biological father, it does not seem appropriate to refer to his boss in that manner.

The Jimmy Jab Games

One of the times Jake gets into serious trouble for his actions is during the Jimmy-Jab games. Not everyone was safe, and it’s surprising that more people didn’t get hurt during the shift. Jake, on the other hand, completely abandoned work for the day. Causing even more damage to the structure in the process. Few cities would put up with a precinct that runs as smoothly as the Nine-Nine.

Trash Talking Holt To Jimmy Brogan

Jake gets drunk and starts trash-talking Holt to his favourite author, Jimmy Brogan, because he’s fed up with his boss. Jimmy plans to write a piece about Holt, and Jake agrees to go on the record despite his inebriation. When Jake comes to, he realises he’s made a huge mistake. And his actions have the potential to destroy Holt’s reputation. Jimmy agrees not to write the storey. But Jake punches him in the face when he calls Holt a gay slur. While Jake’s actions were admirable. There were several aspects of this situation that would not be tolerated in a normal workplace.

His At-Work Activities

The most important reason Jack should be fired is that he never works while he is at work. He’s seen out in the field, but when he’s inside the precinct. He’s chatting with his friends, playing video games, or doing other unproductive activities. While it would be tedious to watch Jake do paperwork every episode. That doesn’t change the fact that he spends far too much time wasting his time. No cop on Jake’s level could get away with as much nonsense as he does.


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